New research reveals the surprising reason why new dads gain over a stone

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Having a baby is a life changing experience - and new parents should expect quite a few changes to their lifestyles.

In between a lack of sleep and a new found overwhelming baby fever, new dads might have to say bye-bye to something else...

New research has discovered that fathers also have their own experience with a postpartum body - as men also appear to gain a substantial amount of baby weight after becoming a parent.

Yup, turns out the Dad Bod is actually a real thing!

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The study, conducted by Lighter Life Fast, looked at the weight gain of over 1,500 men and found that new dads often gain over a stone in weight in the first year following the arrival of their little tot.

In fact, 22 per cent of new dads gain over a stone in their first year of of parenthood. Surprisingly, this is the exact same percentage as research conducted into the postpartum weight gain of new mothers.

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The research details that around half of men put on weight in the first year of being a dad, whilst nine per cent can gain over two stone.

Unsettlingly, the survey also found that 32 per cent of new dads felt less confident in their body shape - a figure which soared to 51 per cent in dads under the age of 29.

However, the Dad Bod phenomenon can be halted - as the research detailed that this gain in weight is most likely because of a mixture of eating less healthy meals and a lack of sleep.

So, once your tiny tot reaches the age of managing a full eight hours per night, you might be able to get some quality shut eye once again.

In fact, parents hoping for a sounder night of sleep should take note of new research detailing the sleeping positions which aid your little bundle of joy into a deeper and longer sleep - including the failsafe shoulder trick.

Happy snoozing, dads!

Words by Alice-Rose Perry


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