Kirsty Gallacher's diet and exercise secrets

The mum-of-two is known for presenting sports shows, but it turns out she's just as interested in fitness when she's off-camera too...

TV presenter Kirsty Gallacher is known for presenting sports shows, but it turns out she's just as interested in fitness when she's off-camera too.

Mum to two sons, Oscar and Jude, Kirsty has managed to regain her pre-pregnancy body and looks healthier and happier than ever. So what's her secret? We investigate...

Exercise as therapy

Kirsty told Fit & Well magazine that she credits her workout regime with helping her through her divorce in 2015.

'I'm quite a controlled person and I felt like I was losing control,' she explained. 'Everything was very difficult, very sad – two kids in the midst of a divorce. I just thought, "I need to put myself into something really positive and something that's going to help me through it."

'The exercise wasn't to do with what I looked like, it was to do with how I felt – I wanted to feel healthy, fit and able to cope with all the stress.'

Images: Fit & Well/Dan Kennedy

Healthy eating

Bad news for those with a sweet tooth - Kirsty says that she 'never eats chocolate'!

'I don't really eat much bread, very little dairy. I don't eat crisps and I don't snack a lot,' she detailed. If she does indulge, it's in the occasional curry or glass of red wine.

Her kids follow a similarly healthy regime; 'They play a lot of sport - obviously, their dad is a rugby player. They generally eat well. I will take them out for dinner and they'll have pizza occasionally. But I have to admit, I've never taken them to McDonald's. I don't say, "It's really bad" - I just say, "It doesn't make you feel very nice".'

Weight training

In October 2015, Kirsty's former personal trainer, Chris Walton, revealed that another secret to her super-toned physique is working with weights.

'Kirsty enjoyed the variety of weight training and found it much more interesting than cardio work,' he told Mail Online.

'We would concentrate on the big muscle groups and movement patterns to ensure a spike in metabolism as well as getting Kirsty strong which was a big goal of hers,' adding that her main focuses were achieving a flat stomach, toned arms and a better bum.

As an end result, she ' 'lost fat and gained muscle, as the focus switched to strength and creating a more athletic-looking body which was much more toned.'

Read Kirsty's full interview and try her strength workout in the new issue of Fit & Well, out now, only £1.99.


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