Natural remedies for hair loss: How to treat thinning hair

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  • If you're suffering from hair loss or thinning hair there are a number of natural remedies you can try - say hello to thicker hair with these solutions!

    Natural remedies for hair loss are a great alternative treatment. Instead of always reaching for the medicine cabinet to deal with long-term conditions such as thinning hair or female baldness, go natural.

    Hair loss remedies come in all different shapes and sizes. These include vitamins for hair loss, herbs to help with hair growth and even shampoos to combat thinning hair – so there should be something for everyone!

    What causes hair thinning?

    Although the causes of hair loss are often hard to determine, things such as pregnancy, being a new mum, ageing, symptoms of stress or anxiety, or alopecia could be making your hair look and feel thinner than it used to.

    Feeling like your hair is thinning can be a horrible feeling, especially when worrying about it can be another trigger for your hair thinning even more so – it’s a vicious cycle. And we’re often guilty of falling into traps where we think we’re helping our hair (e.g. bleaching or getting high lights to make it look fuller) but actually these ‘tricks’ can be even more damaging to our delicate locks.

    What helps thinning hair grow back?

    From dietary ideas to simple life hacks, we’ve rounded up our top hair tips on combatting thinning hair, so you’ll be feeling back to your thick-hair best in no time!

    Although if you’re particularly worried about hair loss over a long period of time, it’s always advisable to go and see your doctor, they may refer you for another type of treatment.

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