The 15 best products for frizzy hair, according to the experts

The haircare experts have spoken and hand-picked their best products for frizzy hair to achieve instantly glossy, shiny locks

a collage of the best products for frizzy hair

Use the best products for frizzy hair as picked by our experts for instantly glossy, shiny locks.

Unruly, stubborn and often unforgiving, frizzy hair can be something of a daily struggle for many of us. And whilst genetics certainly plays it's part, factors like humidity and damaged hair are known triggers of the frizz. Plus there's the unfair fact of life that hair gets frizzier as we age too.

"Frizzy hair is due to the absorption of water molecules from the environment and air," Dr Sharon Wong tells us, a consultant dermatologist and hair and scalp specialist at The TrichoDerm. "Absorption of water can cause the swelling of the fibre and a furring up of the cuticle layer. This makes the surface of the hair rough, uneven and frizzy."

Luckily for us there are lots of treatments to help get rid of frizzy hair and we’ve narrowed the best products. We've trialled and tested the options out there, spoke to experts, and considered consumer reviews. Then we've gone one step further, breaking them down into the best options according to your hair type. So whether your hair is fine and flyaway or curly and unruly, here are your best products for slinky, shiny hair. 

15 best products for frizzy hair

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1. Hask Curl Care Moisturizing Shampoo

Best frizzy shampoo

hask moisturising shampoo bottle for frizzy hair

Hask Moisturising Shampoo

As Dr Sharon Wong states, the drier the hair, the frizzier it will get. Make sure to keep your locks nourished from the beginning of your hair care routine. Opting for a moisturising, nourishing shampoo will help, no matter how often you wash your hair.

You don’t always have to incorporate countless new products to transform your hair. Sometimes the smallest, simplest tweaks make the biggest difference. This affordable option is much-loved and works on all hair types. This overhauls even the driest of strands, leaving them silky smooth after just one use.

Celebrity and Hollywood film hairstylist Camille Friend - founder of masterclass school Hair Scholars - explains why the right shampoo will make the difference: "Frizz in the hair happens when the hair is dry and lacks moisture balance. You start building the moisture in the hair with your shampoo and conditioner. Pick one that’s designed to really inject moisture and instantly hydrate your hair. This one is brilliant, and makes an instant difference."

2. Coco & Eve Super Nourishing Coconut & Fig Hair Masque

Best for a deep treatment

coco and eve hair mask for frizzy hair

Coco & Eve

Even if you’re using the best shampoo and conditioner for frizzy hair, you could do more. Using an intensive mask treatment regularly will help boost moisture and keep your locks healthy. So a mask is a great go-to product for frizzy hair. Pampering your hair is the best way to keep it frizz-free, glossy and shiny. Plus it’ll give your some much-needed ‘me time’ too. 

With over 4,000 5* ratings, the best mask for frizzy hair has to be this influencer-favourite. "Finally my hair feels like hair again, not knotty twine," raved one CultBeauty reviewer. It uses a blend of deeply nourishing ingredients to really tackle frizz from all fronts. Coconuts add shine, linseed improves texture and prevents flyways, fig and shea butter boosts moisture, while argan oil tames frizz and makes hair more manageable.

Once a week, apply root-to-tip, letting it sit for at least 10 minutes, using the included brush to work the product through hair before washing it out. Hair feels slinky soft in minutes. The results speak for themselves - you’ll be getting compliments left, right and centre.

3. Kerastase Elixir Ultime L’Huile Original Hair Oil

Best hair oil product for frizzy hair

kerastase hair oil for frizzy hair


An oil is a great way of adding instant shine and moisture. Though when to use a hair oil is dependent on your hair type. An oil works especially well to add gloss, making it a great product for frizzy hair. For thick, curly hair, apply when hair is soaking wet, to give it a better chance to sink in and get deep into the hair fibres. If your hair is finer, go for a lighter option in a spray formula, for a gentler dose and a more spread application, to stop weighing hair down. 

This one is a global bestseller for a reason. It’s an deeply nourishing option, but crucially it’s lightweight and won’t leave hair feeling heavy or greasy. A little goes a long way, so the expensive price actually balances out over months of use. Celebrity hairstylist Patrick Wilson, part of the Wall Group, whose clients include Maya Jama and Mollie King swears by it for flyaways: "When I’m on set I apply this onto a toothbrush and target the flyaways - it works a treat."

4. John Frieda Frizz Ease Extra Strength 6 Effects Serum

Best classic frizzy hair serum

john frieda frizz ease hair serum for frizzy hair

John Frieda

Adding an extra product to your routine can make a huge difference to the gloss of your locks. A serum is a really important product for frizzy hair. It will sink in deeply and help keep the hair cuticles flat and sealed, preventing frizz. With so much choice out there, it’s hard to know what’s the best serum for frizzy hair - but it’s still hard to beat this classic buy. Launched in 1990, this was one of the first products out there specially designed to tame frizz and smooth hair - and it’s still as effective as ever. 

In my opinion, there’s a reason this is a bestseller all around. It just works, and the price makes it even better. My mum and I both have really curly hair, and I remember growing up she always had a bottle of this in her bag. The difference is it instantly tames frizz and seals split ends in seconds.

Don't of course, just take my word for it. As one satisfied Boots shopper shared: "I have just bought this and it has done wonders! I never write reviews but had to for this. I have always struggled with frizzy hair but after using this product there’s no more frizz just compliments." Work through damp hair before styling.

5. Noughty Frizz Magic Conditioner

Best vegan frizzy hair product

noughty vegan frizz conditioner for frizzy hair

Noughty Haircare

Conditioners are the best and most important product for frizzy hair as it helps to lock in moisture. Thankfully, there are now so many great vegan-friendly products out there. And this is just one affordable and cruelty-free option you can reap the rewards from. Noughty’s haircare range is made from 97 natural ingredients, using no nasties like parabens, silicones or sulfates. Which in turn makes them suitable for all hair types.

We love their anti-frizz conditioner which helped to instantly detangle curly hair, leaving locks feeling smooth and pampered. Simply apply through the ends of your hair, combing through with a wide-tooth comb to work it through.

Whilst we've singled this product out, we recommend Noughty's whole range as they work particularly well on curly hair. They're also compliant with Lorraine Massey's best-selling Curly Girl Method guide - and this is a big tick as it's usually hard to find vegan hair products that are also approved by the strict curly hair method. We really like that you can buy kits of the heroes of the range, to save some money while picking up a few products.

6. ghd Bodyguard Heat Protect Spray

Best for heat protection

ghd heat protect spray for frizzy hair


To prevent frizz you really should be limiting the use of any heat styling. One study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science found that heated hair tools like straighteners damage hair's natural protein. And that this lack of keratin leads to weak, brittle and frizz-prone hair.

"Using your hairdryer, curling tongs or straighteners can really dry out your hair and leave it damaged, making it look worse in the long run," Dr Sharon Wong re-affirms. "You can prevent frizz by limiting cuticle damage, avoiding heat styling wherever possible. Try to take breaks from your styler, and ensure you use a heat protecting product when you do use them."

We’d recommend heat styling once a week at most, and to use dry shampoo to keep the look lasting as long as possible. For those times where you just can’t resist your hairdryer, make heat protection a habit - as it's an important product for frizzy hair. The award-winning hair gurus at ghd have developed a great product to use alongside their high-tech stylers. With Bodyguard boasting 2 levels of heat protection. A lightweight, shielding buy that doesn’t feel like a chore to use. Spritz liberally through hair before even thinking about picking up your hairdryer or straighteners.

7. Imbue Curl Inspiring Conditioning Leave-In Spray

Best for frizzy curls

imbue leave-in curl conditioner for frizzy curly hair


Curly hair has a tendency to be frizzier. This is because it's naturally drier and the kinky strands make it harder for natural oils to travel down. Focusing on moisture is key to keeping curls sleek and defined, and it got my seal of approval. Having grappled with curly hair since my teen years, I know that it takes a long time to really perfect your routine, and everything I’ve tried from Imbue has worked perfectly with zero faff. It's one of the best products for frizzy hair.

I use this moisturising spray to refresh and add definition to my curls a few days after washing, just when it starts to look a bit limp. If you're wondering how often you should wash your hair - the general rule is once every 7-10 days. You can get away with leaving it longer, because washing it too often can impact the curl pattern. Because of this, adding extra moisture - like this spray - a few days in will help them curls look more defined. 

This Imbue spray boasts a 4.2 star rating on Amazon, with one reviewer full of praise for the product. "It smells good and leaves my hair really soft. It also helps with detangling and locking in moisture. I’m happily on my second bottle now."

8. Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase

Best for banishing bed head hair