9 reasons why YOUR breasts might be sagging

A French study has suggested this very bad news could be true...

Gravity (and pregnancy) take their toll on us all, so it's not surprising if you've found your boobs sitting a little bit lower these days!

Whilst our breasts changing shape is an inevitable fact of life, there are a few little things you can try when it comes to feeling a little perkier.

We explore some of the reasons why your breasts might be heading south a little more than you'd like and what you can do to help - do any of these sound familiar?

1. Your genes


Sorry ladies, apparently whether or not we have boob 'saggage' could all just be down to our genes. YouTuber Cristen Conger has filmed the above video to combat some of the myths around wearing (or not wearing) a bra and the effects it has on how pert our breasts may be over time. She denotes that the main player in keeping our boobs perky is skin elasticity, tissue density and breast size. So that's another worry off our chests (sorry!). If you're still keen to do the best for your breasts then try some of the tricks below.

Fix it: Ok, so if it's all down to genetics there might not be much to be done about this whole boob sagging business but we remain hopeful and there are ways to help skin elasticity improve. See below...

2. You're wearing a bra to bed

Here's a topic no-one can quite decide on - does sleeping in your bra really make your breasts sag? Some say that it's potentially dangerous as it can lead to irritation and infection caused by sweating, or even prevent proper drainage of your lymph nodes leading to fluid retention and restricting blood flow.

Fix it: Surgeon Douglad McGeorge says that wearing a bra to bed could help with stretch marks; 'Bigger breasts can drag and want to go sideways when you are lying down. This can pull the skin and contribute to stretch marks. Wearing a bra to sleep in may slow the ageing process down very slightly.' Cosmetic surgeon Angelica Kavouni, however, tells the Daily Mail; 'Wearing a bra in bed can offer comfort while sleeping but does not help protect against drooping.' We remain undecided!

3. You're yo-yo dieting

Skin loses its elasticity when it's stretched, so when you're constantly going up or down a dress size, your boobs are going down with you. Literally.

Fix it: Lose (or gain!) weight slowly and sensibly to give your skin time to adapt to your changing shape.

4. You're not drinking enough water

Getting your RDA of H20 keeps your skin looking glowy and youthful - and not just when it comes to your face.

Fix it: Find out how much water you should be drinking, and make sure you drink it - every, single, day.

5. You're wearing the wrong size bra

It's like we've just told you - some studies have shown that not wearing a bra at all is better for your boobs than wearing one that fits badly! Your breasts need a helping hand if they're going to stay where they were in your 20s (but only if it's a well-fitting one).

Fix it: Get measured by a professional and invest in good quality underwear in your actual size, not the same size you've been squeezing into for the last 5 years.

6. You're smoking

Smoking breaks down elastin, which keeps your skin looking plump and youthful. It'll affect the skin in your decolletage (and everywhere else too...)

Fix it: We're not going to spoonfeed you - you probably know the health risks of smoking. But if you're serious about stopping the sag, it would pay to cut the habit.

7. You're not working out

Exercising, particularly using moves that target the bust, can keep your breasts looking perkier, as it tones the muscles underneath.

Fix it: Take 5 or 10 minutes out of your day to do some easy weight exercises that target your chest - just 10-20 rep sets can be enough to improve muscle tone. Our firmer bust exercises are a great place to start!

8. You're skipping suncream

You know how your face needs SPF, even on cloudy days? Turns out the skin on your chest does too - and neglecting it can leave it looking less than taut.

Fix it: Apply a moisturiser with SPF to your boobs daily to keep them looking pert.

9. You're slouching

Your mother always told you to stand up straight - and she knew her stuff! A hunched posture will make breasts appear saggier and lower on your body than they actually are - the exact opposite of what you're trying to achieve...

Fix it: Basically, just stand up straight! If you have trouble breaking bad hunch habits, tie a coloured string around your wrist, and straighten your back every time you notice it - it'll be a constant reminder to sort out your slouchy shoulders.


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