Walking, water and MyFitnessPal: Reddit users share their best weight loss tips

'Learn that it's ok to feel hungry'

Gearing up for a 2017 health kick? Reddit users are here to help.

Hundreds of commenters have replied to the question 'What is your go to tip to lose a few pounds?', and most of them are... well, pretty good advice.

From achievable exercise to avoiding fad diets and learning to embrace the odd tummy rumble, here are tips from people who've been there, done that, and succeeded in their goals...

Walk. And I don't mean 10 minute walks. Like hour long walks. Not only does it allow me to take a break from things, I listen to new music, I think about things. Its refreshing.

Lift weights. It's exercise and your mind is too focused on how much squatting sucks to think about anything else.

Learn that it's ok to feel hungry. we don't need to immediately satisfy every desire. in fact, if you're eating when you're NOT truly hungry, well that may be part of the problem.

Start drinking exclusively, avoid sugary drinks wholly. You'll notice a huge difference in a fortnight.

Remember that a lot of juices have the same number of calories as soft drinks, so switching to juices is not a weight loss tip. Water is good for you.

I tried loads of stupid fad diets and didn't lose a thing. Got myfitness pal, set it to 1500 calories a day, and for the first time ever I lost over 2 stone in a few months. Track what you eat, don't go over the calories. That's it.

Don't always finish your plate; stop eating when you're no longer hungry!

Take your time while eating. If you just shove everything right in you'll be more than full before your body can say "I'm full"

So a trick to help out with this is to stop eating when you feel 80% full (this will take some trial and error). CCK (the hormone that makes you feel full) takes about 15 minutes to process from the time it gets released in your stomach. If you stop yourself a little earlier than you normally would and wait, you'll probably find that you actually ate all that you needed to. Hope this helps!

No booze. Not only does it make you fat, you tend to make poorer food choices when you drink too.

I'd like to stress the importance of having room for "cheat days." When I was seriously losing weight I'd reserve one or two days to enjoy a beer or two. Obviously you can't go on a bender during the cheat days but everything is fine in moderation. A good percentage of people get turned off by strategies that say "cut out X all together"

Set a goal that isn't actually weight loss related. Example: I made it my goal to do 10k steps (using my fitbit) before I was allowed to head home from the area i work each day. I moved more in the office (went and spoke to people instead of emailing all the time), went for a brisk walk at lunch or when i could afford a quick 5/10min break and was more inclined to go to the gym before (if i wanted home early) or after work to reach my goal. It meant any extra steps once I got home or had plans in the evening after work was a bonus. They soon add up to a whole heap of extra cals burned without actually focusing on calorie counting.

Vegetables are a good way to make yourself full with very little calories, and I'm talking like broccoli without cheese or some sauce. Lose the sauce and you have a snack that is nutritious and makes you feel less hungry and barely adds significant calories.

Just take in less calories than you burn every day. I think most people have a general of what they are eating and how active they are, at the end of the day you just have to make the changes you already know you need to make. Yes, it takes some discipline, if it didn't everyone would be thin.

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