Reasons Jake Wood really and *truly* is the sexiest man alive (despite what the official polls say)

If this list doesn't convince you then we'd be amazed...

Ladies, a travesty has happened. Jake Wood was named the UK's top weirdest crush. We're here to say there's nothing weird about thinking Mr. Wood is a rather fanciable fella.

Also, while we're on the subject People magazine have voted Chris Hemsworth and David Beckham their Sexiest Men Alive for the past two years, and we'd like to know why Jake missed out? An outrage we think you'll agree. If only the world was run according to us.

Here are 9 reasons why Jake Wood wins our Sexiest Man title...

1. He's been our favourite EastEnders heartbreaker, Max Branning, since 2006

Seriously gals, who doesn't love a bit of a bad boy? Despite his year out we've never forgotten about the glory of Max. I mean, how could we?

2. His turn on Strictly proved he was a man of many talents

Look at those moves! And that lycra! And those muscles! *Swoon*

3. Seriously, the guy can DANCE!

...and spin, shake and twirl... he can cha cha with us any day.

4. Frankly, he can rock an embellished sequin shirt like no other

Nothing hotter than a man in a bit of glitter, agreed? Agreed.

5. He scrubs up well for the red carpet...

Smouldering look? Perfected.

6. ... And he looks just as good in his sports gear too

Oh Danny Dyer, why would you even try to take on an athletic Adonis like that? Just looking at him makes us go weak at the knees.

7 And above all else, he's a real family man

Just look at those adorable ruby-haired sprogs. We're almost sure we could love them as our own given half the chance. He also confirms our suspicions that bald men make the best partners.

9. After all, when it comes down to it, who else could pull off a sailor suit like this?

No, you can't think of anyone, we knew it.


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