9 reasons bald men make the very best partners

If you have a bald other half in your life then, well, you're one lucky lady. These 9 reasons prove why...

If you have a baldy in your life, well then ladies... you'll know exactly what we're saying.

While other women ogle and dribble over the hairy Beckhams and Pitts of this world, you sit silently wondering why all the fuss over a man with so much hair on his head? You smile inwardly knowing the benefits of having a baldy for your other half, and we don't blame you.

Those hair-free lovelies make just the best partners and we have 9 reasons why, but shhh, don't tell too many people, otherwise everyone will want one...

Reason 1: They're low maintenance

There's nothing less manly than your bloke asking if his hair has been messed up on a particularly windy day. Or catching sight of him stealing a glimpse in a reflective surface while he checks out his locks. Just. No.

Reason 2: They're confident

There's something about a bold bald fella that just makes them ooze confidence and charisma. Or maybe we've just watched Die Hard too many times...

Reason 3: They're tough

Ok, this one is a bit of a cliché, but come on, there's no mistaking a bald man wouldn't think twice about getting rid of that nasty spider or checking what that creak downstairs was in the middle of the night? Well, we bet Jason would...

Reason 4: They're shower friendly

Ladies, spend a bit more on that fancy shampoo safe in the knowledge that he's not going to use it all up in the shower every morning. Which means he's not going to moan that you bought the fruitiest girliest-smelling one either!

Reason 5: Their best bits shine through

Whoever fell for someone because of their hair? Chances are your bloke won your heart with those amazing eyes, that cheeky grin or those sweet dimples - and baldies have the extra advantage of these traits being even more noticeable!

Reason 6: They don't need at-home hairdressers

There's nothing more frustrating than being asked to get the trimmers out and tidy up his hair, to be met with moans that we didn't do it right or missed a bit. Bald men can be out the door in flashest of flashes, result!

Reason 7: They're over the 'I'm going bald!' meltdowns

The relationship between a man and his hair is a tricky one, and when he gets to that certain age when lines become receded and patches start appearing, it can be a tad traumatic. Having a baldy to begin with cuts all that out - phew!

Reason 8: They have more testosterone

Ok so a bit of extra testosterone can be good and bad when you're living with it 24/7, but there's something about having a partner with a little bit of a glint in their eye. Enough said!

Reason 9: They're manly

Ladies, there's a reason why Bruce Willis, Jason Stathom and, er, Jake Wood are some of the toughest most manly blokes on the telly - their bald heads seem to give them an innate sense of toughness that those regular hairy men don't have. Crazy. But true.

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