Dexter star Michael C. Hall marries girlfriend Morgan Macgregor

It's the actor's third time tying the knot

Former Dexter actor Michael C. Hall has revealed he's married girlfriend Morgan Macgregor.

They say third time is a charm and we're hoping it's true for Michael C. Hall.

The actor tied the knot for the third time yesterday, marrying girlfriend Morgan Macgregor.

The couple opted for a no-fuss ceremony at New York City's City Hall, his rep confirmed to People magazine.

This is the third time the 45-year-old star has become a married man. He married his first wife, actress Amy Spanger, in 2002, and the two stayed together for five years, until they got divorced in 2007.

The newly-weds have been together for nearly four years

Michael then went on to marry his Dexter co-star Jennifer Carpenter in 2008, but the relationship ended in 2011.

The two had to continue working together on the show after their divorce for another two years, but they both say they remained friends.

'I think it's a testament to our individual and collective commitment to the show', Michael said of working with his ex-wife. 'We've been through quite a journey in our personal life, but thankfully that remains a fundamental friendship and respectful.'

When asked what it was like to carry on her professional relationship with Michael following their marriage breakdown, Jennifer couldn't fight back the tears.

Michael with his ex-wife Jennifer Carpenter in 2011

'Our marriage didn't look like anyone else's, and our divorce didn't either, so... I said it before, just because the marriage ended doesn't mean the love did', she said.

'I'm crying. It's an awkward thing to talk about your personal life in front of a bunch of strangers, but there's nothing but love and respect [between us]. Nothing.'

The American actor, who started his career in the show Six Feet Under, started playing Dexter on the famous TV series with the same name in 2006, and continued to play the character until 2013, when the show ended.

In 2010, he surprised fans with news that we was battling Hodgkin's lymphoma, a cancer that develops in the lymphatic system.

'There is a lot of cancer in my family, people who've gone through it, survived it, died from it', he said in a press conference. 'Going through that experience maybe helped me to feel closer to some of them.'

Michael has recently starred in David Bowie's musical Lazarus, and will also appear in the movie Christine, set to debut this year.

Congratulations to the couple!


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