Top 10 most egotistical names revealed

It's not what you might expect...

Your name can say a lot about your personality. But did you know it can also reveal the size of your ego? Apparently...

If you've been known to enjoy talking about yourself, then it could be down to your name! Irish dating site,, launced a new study to find out just what names are most associated with people who love themselves a bit too much. It also revealed the names of those who could do with a bit more confidence.

The study analysed the names of 20,000 people who are signed up to the dating site. Users were asked to rank themselves between 1 and 7 based on their level of faithfulness, sexiness, sense of humour and attractiveness. The scores were then averaged out based on the users first names.

And it's bad news for all you Declans and Patricias. Declan was declared the most egotistical name for men, while Patricia topped the chart as the most self-assured women's name.

On the other side of the scale, the least self-assured name for women was Rebecca, while Jamie came top for men.

Have a look below to see all the results. Does your name make the cut?

Top 10 most egotistical names for men

1. Declan 2. Frank 3. Conor 4. Brendan 5. Richard 6. Liam 7. Kevin 8. Peter 9. Pat 10. Dave

Top 10 most egotistical names for women

1. Patricia 2. Susan 3. Paula 4. Angela 5. Yvonne 6. Joanne 7. Ruth 8. Deirdre 9. Fiona 10. Clare

Top ten least self-assured names for men

1. Jamie 2. Ger 3. Johnny 4. Tommy 5. Damien 6. Adam 7. Paddy 8. Jimmy 9. Matthew 10. Mick

Top ten least self-assumed names for women

1. Rebecca 2. Alice 3. Jackie 4. Olivia 5. Amanda 6. Liz 7. Katie 8. Jen 9. Suzanne 10. Lauren

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