Mary J. Blige and Kendu Isaacs are officially divorced

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  • Mary J. Blige has officially divorced Kendu Isaacs, two years after the two first announced they were splitting.

    The singer’s divorce was confirmed by Entertainment Tonight, after they obtained court papers that were signed off this week.

    The pair first split in 2016, after 13 years of marriage, citing ‘irreconcilable differences’, but it’s no known exactly why they decided to go their separate ways. The couple had no children together.

    Speaking about the troubled period she went through after splitting from her husband, the Grammy winner has previously said she was ‘very depressed’ which helped her play the role of Florence in the film Mudbound.

    ‘The heaviness you see in Florence came from what I was personally dealing with. I was very depressed, and not sure what was going on in my life’, she told The EDIT back in November 2017.

    ‘A lot of the things we do in a relationship are in the name of love. You want to save it, so you do stupid stuff and give him what he wants, knowing you shouldn’t. You create a monster.’

    The singer-turned-actress has also explained that even though she had a tough time, she learned from the experience and came out the other side feeling ‘stronger’.

    ‘I learned life is the greatest teacher. You gotta ask, what did you do to end up here? That’s when you can start to heal. And I realized that I must have hated myself, because I didn’t deserve to be treated like that.

    ‘So I’m learning to love myself. Even in the midst of it all, I didn’t give up on myself – I went to the gym every day, I prayed. So when it blew up, I had some strength to keep going.

    ‘I’m 46, I’m older. But that means I can handle any kind of feeling now. I felt this before, whatever. So I’m strong. I’ll get through whatever I need to get through.’