Rebecca Adlington insists her and Harry Needs are ‘still very much the best of friends’ after split

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  • Following the announcement that Rebecca Adlington has split from husband Harry Needs after just 18 months, the Olympic swimmer has been talking about the couple’s now-amicable relationship.

    In an interview with the Irish Mirror Rebecca, 27, insists that her and Harry, 24, are ‘still very much the best of friends’ following their speration.

    The mum of one then went on to explain that their joint goal is now their daughter, saying, ‘And it’s not like we’re not talking, because we are – we talk all the time. We are both just working hard on trying to be good parents, and our total focus is on our daughter.

    This week the couple were even spotted out together, celebrating Rebecca’s sister’s marriage.


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    Rebecca, who was a bridesmaid, looked happy and relax as she celebrated the nuptials, despite her recent break up.[Twitter][/twitter]Harry also seemed to be in high spirits as he posed with their nine-month-old daughter Summer, saying ‘Lovely jam packed emotional wedding weekend with little Ms Needs! Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Wilson 💏’

    The sad news of the couple’s break up was originally aired on Olympic gold medalist Rebecca’s personal website with a joint statement saying: ‘It’s after much thought and sadness that we confirm our separation… we move forward with respect for one another and our focus and commitment is on parenting our gorgeous daughter Summer.’

    Rebecca and Harry married in a romantic, beautiful ceremony in rural Staffordshire in 2014 and lived together in Stockport following their nuptials.

    Speaking to Hello! at the time Rebecca said, ‘The ceremony was so personal, which was exactly what we wanted.’

    Going on to talk about the ceremony further she added, ‘I love the fact Harry was in bits before I even reached him. I was a bit nervous in the car on the way here with my dad, but as soon as I walked in, my nerves melted and I relaxed. The room was just so full of love.’

    The split seemed to have been sudden with Harry just a week prior to it posting a sweet Instagram snap of Rebecca and baby Summer together for Mother’s Day, telling his wife that he missed her.

    Happy Mother's Day Mummy Love From Summer P.s I miss you

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    Rebecca’s recent appearance on The Jump would have meant that she may have been away from Summer and Harry for a long time. In another Instagram snap from a couple of months ago Harry tells followers that he can’t wait to have some quality time with Rebecca again, saying: ‘looking forward to having my everything back in my life #jumplife #worklife #dadlife’

    Rebecca has previously spoken openly about the strains of motherhood on a relationship, admitting that her and Harry have felt the pressure. In an interview she said, ‘Harry and I have had plenty of arguments,’ before admitting that motherhood is ‘bloody hard work.’

    The swimmer and media presenter has also talked about the pressure of getting back into work following the birth of her little girl. She told a reporter at the time that her and Harry were ‘knackered’ and went on to explain that, ‘a lot of mums have six or eight months off. I had two months and had to get back to work. That’s what you do when you’re self-employed.

    ‘There have been plenty of times I’ve wanted to say I want a year off on maternity leave. I want to sit and be with my daughter and just have that time together.

    ‘But that isn’t a possibility because I’m supporting the family.’