Reddit users reveal what makes women LEAST attractive to them

They didn't hold back...

A controversial thread on Reddit has revealed the traits and habits that might be making us less attractive to our other halves - even when we think it's having the opposite effect.

'What is something women think makes them more attractive to men while men think it makes them less attractive?' the creator of the thread wrote in the 'Ask Men' section of the site, and their fellow users did not hold back in sharing their honest thoughts on the matter.

Here are some of the most discussed responses:

'Excessive tanning. White people should not be brown, it's unhealthy, and always seems to come with a ridiculous personality to match the amount of time and energy they lay in an oven cooking themselves.'

'Being assertive/confident and being a bitch are not the same thing, but some women seem to think they are.'

'Duck face and fat lips in general. If they don't fit your face don't do it.'

'Acting like they have many men interested in them. That often works on women (women will chase/try to get the guy who has many women into him), but it generally turns men off.'

'Acting like they're dumber than they really are.'

'Excessive make-up. Being too done-up in general really (clothing, hair, etc). Looks fake, looks like you're trying too hard, potential sign of insecurity.'

'Obnoxiously long nails, old lady perfume, and high waist pants.'

'Talking about past sexual partners or how many guys she's talking to - anything about her sexual past, really, is a major turn off for me. Whereas I've seen guys get girls more interested in them by being seen as having slept with a lot of women or at least are wanted by a lot of women. Also, septum piercings, and the shaving of the sides of the head. But I don't know if they do those things to attract men or because that's their personal style and they're expressing who they are.'

'Making guys jealous/flirting with other guys in front of you/flaunting that they can attract men easily.'

'Maybe acting like more ditzy than they are?'

'Lying about their ages. No, I don't care if you're older than me. Yes, I do care if you lie about it.'

'Wearing shawls that look like the blanket on your grandmothers couch.'

'Taking nothing but selfies on instagram, social media etc... Yeah you look good and it's good you're doing your thing but if you literally show me that you don't have anything to offer besides good looks I can't respect you.'

'Too much perfume.'

'That cutesy little girl voice. It's NEVER sexy. Also if a guy thinks that's sexy it's creepy.'

What do you think of the responses? And would you care if some of your habits were off-putting to your partner? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.


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