Ayda Field reveals all the times husband Robbie Williams dumped her

ayda field reveals robbie williams ended relationship three times
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Ayda Field has spoken out about all the times that husband Robbie Williams has dumped her.

The X Factor judge revealed that she had to fight for her husband of 10 years after he repeatedly broke up with her.

The mum-of-four, who shares children seven-year-old Theodora, five-year-old Charlton, one-year-old Colette and three-month-old Beau with husband Robbie, revealed that the Millennium hitmaker secretly broke up with her three times before the pair eventually tied the knot and settled down back in 2010.

Ayda revealed that the Take That star made clear to her that he didn’t want to have children or commit to anyone, so decided to break up with her so that she would understand.

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However, despite being hurt by his questionable break-up methods, the TV star wouldn’t give up on her then-husband-to-be, revealing that she was in love with him so wouldn’t let go.

“The most generous way of describing his breaking-up methods is 'questionable',” she revealed to The Sunday Times newspaper. “But I was in love with him.

"He was a lovely, beautiful human and he was just so charming and funny and amazing,” she added. “He had my heart. He was my soulmate. He used to say, 'I'm never getting married and I'm never having kids.' We laugh at that now."

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"For the most part, we just get along. I value his opinion. I trust his answers. And he makes me laugh more than any other human on the planet."

Ayda admitted that she hadn’t really considered becoming a mum before getting together with Robbie, but then changed her mind once the pair tied the knot.

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“This cheeky boy from Stoke came into my life and completely side-railed my plans. All of a sudden I wanted to have a baby with this man,” she admitted.

"I can't believe we have four, but it feels wonderful, beyond our wildest dreams. I would be very surprised if there are any more, but never say never."

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