British couples claim that going for a McDonald's without your other half is 'as bad as cheating'

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Many of us love a trip to McDonald's, as it's the ultimate tasty comfort food for just about any occasion.

But it turns out that Brits have some very strong opinions about the fast food restaurant.

In fact, one in ten Brits claim that going for a sneaky McDonald's without their partner is just as bad as cheating, as it's the ultimate betrayal. Yikes!

A poll of 1,000 British people found that one in twenty would break up with their other half if they went to the drive-thru without asking them first. So McDonald's trips are serious business...

People everywhere celebrated when McDonald's reopened following the coronavirus (opens in new tab) lockdown, and one in five fast food fans said that the taste of a Big Mac again was better than a pay rise. Fan's are also thrilled that McDonald's Monopoly (opens in new tab) will be making a welcome return next summer.

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And that's not all either, as fast food fans are so dedicated to McDonald's that they rated the feeling of a Big Mac after a long break as being on par with the birth of their first child.


People have strong feelings when it comes to the humble Big Mac! (Picture: Getty Images)

A further 13 per cent said it was better than their wedding day, which might ruffle a few feathers if their partner found out they'd said that!

Many of us enjoyed morning rituals before the nation went into lockdown, and 22 per cent of participants revealed they'd missed the ritual of picking up a Sausage and Egg McMuffin before work.

Brits confessed they'd rather give up their mobile phone or skip watching sport for a whole year if it meant they could tuck into a tasty Big Mac. Now that's dedication!

With McDonald's restaurants across the company reopening, and gradually expanding their menu, we're sure fast food fans will be relieved.