Why your other half might be tuning you out during conversation

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  • We’ve all experienced a conversation with our other half where it feels like they’re not listening to what we’re saying.

    And it turns out it could be due to what you’re talking about.

    Research has discovered the most boring subjects to Brits, with conversations about golf, celebrity gossip and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle most likely to make Brits ‘turn off’.

    A poll of 2,000 adults discovered what makes the nation prick up their ears, and what makes them tune out of a conversation.

    Rants about online dating, Brexit and diets are also likely to make people zone out.

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    And while local and national news or the weather is most interesting to the over 55s, gossip, music, and climate change top the list for under 25s.

    The research, which was commissioned by high street hearing specialist Hidden Hearing to support the National Campaign for Better Hearing, also found the majority of Brits consider themselves to be ‘active’ listeners rather than ‘passive’ listeners.

    Active listeners pay full attention to the conversation by listening and responding but more than half of those surveyed admitted they often interrupt or fill in sentences when someone else is speaking.

    brits most boring conversation subjects

    The study revealed people tend to switch off during work meetings (Credit: Getty)

    While seven in 10 agreed it’s important to interject into someone’s story with questions, to show they’re listening properly, 63 per cent nod their heads at random intervals to highlight their interest.

    And a third respond with judicious ‘hmm’s’ when they feel the opportunity calls for it.

    GP and health broadcaster Dr Hilary Jones said, “When we’re talking to others we can often tell when someone isn’t really listening.

    “As friends and family, it’s vital for us to determine if this is because the listener is disinterested or unable to hear us.

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    “We know that hearing loss can be linked to loneliness and isolation so making sure people are able to engage with us is important to keep our brains sharp and feel connected.”

    The study also revealed the most common occasions where people switch off including family gatherings, work meetings and watching the TV.

    Do you find your family and friends switching off when you’re talking to them? Here are the top subjects that make Brits switch off.

    Top 40 most boring subject for Brits

    1. Golf
    2. Celebrity gossip
    3. Meghan and Harry
    4. Veganism
    5. Rugby
    6. Football
    7. Fashion trends
    8. Beauty trends
    9. The stock exchange
    10. Online dating
    11. Cars / mechanics
    12. Hair styles
    13. Tennis
    14. Diets
    15. Someone else’s wedding
    16. Mortgages
    17. Brexit
    18. Someone else’s children or grandchildren
    19. Other people’s ailments
    20. Other people’s lunch
    21. Politics
    22. Someone’s love life
    23. Someone’s personal gossip
    24. Workplace gossip
    25. Upcoming festivals
    26. Someone else’s holiday
    27. Other people’s pets
    28. Parenthood
    29. Traffic
    30. Pensions
    31. Other people’s dreams
    32. Married life
    33. Climate change
    34. Driving directions
    35. Hearing about the neighbours
    36. History
    37. Recycling
    38. Conversations about your partner’s job
    39. The weather
    40. Music