The bathroom habits that could RUIN your relationship

Would YOU break up over a wet towel?

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Does your partner’s bad bathroom habits totally get on your nerves? You’re not alone, proves a new poll.

Compromise and tolerance are the cornerstones of a great relationship, but many couples credit separate bathrooms as the real secret to blissful co-habitation – including a very-happily married Michelle Obama. So what happens when we have to share this often-personal space?

A survey by, reveals that the bathroom habits of our nearest and dearest causes patience to run thin and annoys us to the point of break-up. Yes, really. Let’s look at the most disgusting bathroom habits we have that could potentially make us single. How many would you put up with?

Male annoyances

When it comes to men’s antics, the biggest nuisances are toilet related, say the women polled. 88% are irritated when their partner doesn’t replace the toilet roll.

Only slightly fewer women say that men leaving the toilet seat up is the most annoying of all bathroom habits. Missing the toilet altogether or forgetting to flush it after a wee, also ruffles the feathers of female partners.

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Female bathroom habits

Women also have their own annoying bathroom traits. 83% of men say that they are most bothered about the bathroom being cluttered with women's makeup, shampoo and skincare products. Hair left in the sink and drain is another source of annoyance. 72% of men hate the stains and marks from fake tan and make-up.

Some annoying bathroom habits can be blamed on both men and women. Leaving wet towels on the floor and sitting on the toilet with a phone, proves super-annoying to both genders. 73% of both sexes agree that dried up toothpaste in the sink is unacceptable.

Couples were also quizzed on how these icky bathroom habits affects their relationships. Over half admit that it's dealbreaker behaviour. A whopping 62% of men claim they’d break up with someone because of their bad bathroom habits, and 58% of women agree they'd also choose to split.

Despite this, only 36% of participants have ever confronted their partner about these bothersome habits. Meaning most of us are counting to ten behind closed bathroom doors. And the reason we stay silent? Just under half of men and women said that bringing these issues up in the past has led to arguments.

Perhaps it's time we all cleaned-up our bathroom habits, for the sake of our relationships?

Ali Horsfall
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