Couple left in stitches after discovering ‘ultimate’ photobomb in wedding photos

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  • A couple were left in stitches after dicovering the ‘ultimate’ photobomb in their wedding pictures.

    After your wedding day has come and gone, the next most exciting thing is receiving the pictures from your big day and looking through them to relive the happy moments with your nearest and dearest.

    Of course there’s usually some gems in there, and that’s why Jimmy Fallon – from the famous The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon – asked his followers to share their wedding fails – a ‘weird or embarrassing wedding story’.

    And that is exactly what Annie Howington, a woman from Raleigh, US, delivered. Sharing a picture of her big day on Twitter, she wrote, ‘Our photographer photoshopped Jesus into our wedding photo. #WeddingFail’.

    Yes, it’s quite something.

    After receiving a huge reaction on social media, she shared another one, writing, ‘This has been fun! Here it is in color and another gem from that day…’

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    Many commented on her post, with one saying, ‘Why aren’t you looking at him nor he looking at the two of you but instead…. Jesus is looking at the photographer! Wow. I have no words.’

    A second wrote, ‘I’m crying!!!!! I’m a Jesus loving Christian but this is just something else entirely! I’m not sure what it is but it is hilarious!’

    Another added, ‘This is the best, I can’t imagine what the photographer was thinking. I’m laughing every time I think of it. Beautiful photo though!’

    Explaining exactly why the photographer decided to add the unexpected guest to the picture, Annie wrote, ‘It was 2003 in Logan, UT. We got our proofs back to choose which ones we wanted for our wedding album and… there he was.

    ‘The ultimate photobomb. We really liked the photo and actually bought it, but asked for it sans Jesus.’

    We would also have asked for the ‘sans Jesus’ version but A+ for creativity.