Comedian Sarah Millican confesses she still 'cries daily’ over mental health struggle following divorce despite remarrying

Sarah Millican
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Comedian Sarah Millican has revealed that she still ‘cries daily’ over mental health struggle which started after her divorce, 16 years ago.

The 8 Out of 10 Cat star has since found love with fellow comedian Gary Delaney, and the two have been married since 2013.

But her first wedding left her struggling with her mental health, which led her to seek professional help. Sixteen years later, she says she still sees a counsellor, because it helps her work through stuff.

According to The Sun, Sarah said in a podcast, “At the moment, I cry daily. At random times. I’ve had a counsellor for a long time and will always, because I find them sort of helpful, and I’m really interested in how my brain works.

“It’s been a few years now. When I got divorced I knew I needed someone to talk things out with, I didn’t really want to.

“I wanted to work through stuff so that if I ever again was in a position to meet somebody new, I wanted to be ready and I would be in a good mental place.”

Sarah and her husband Gary (Credit: Getty)

She added, “After my divorce I had a bunch of sessions and I never had the last appointment, as I always wanted to leave it open. But I’m sure that last one would’ve been when she said, ‘I think you’re all right now’.

“Sometimes all I do is moan at her. And sometimes I go, ‘I’m all right, I feel like a fraud, I’m all right’. It’s just to keep on top of it so things don’t come to a head.”

The comedian married Andrew Millican, her first husband, in 1997. The two divorced in 2004, after he unexpectedly left her - but it was the break-up that inspired her to pursue a career in comedy.

She previously told the publication in 2012, “Can you imagine if he hadn’t left me? I’d still be in the job I hated, watching telly in a damp flat. I had to go really low to come back up.”

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