Stacey Solomon reveals why she might never marry Joe Swash

stacey solomon never marry joe swash
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Stacey Solomon has revealed why she might never marry Joe Swash.

The Loose Women panellist has opened up on her relationship with the former I’m A Celebrity Extra Camp presenter, revealing that she feels like she and Joe will probably never end up actually walking down the aisle – but that doesn’t stop her from wanting a ring.

The mum-of-three said that despite not being bothered about tying the knot, she would still like to get engaged to her beau, who she has been with since 2016.

“I want an engagement ring,” Stacey told new! Magazine, “but I’m not bothered about getting married.

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“Neither of us are!

“I have those weird preset ideas that I should get married and have a big white dress,” she continued, “but it’s not the be all and end all. We have our family, we’re together, we’re practically married in our opinion.

“That piece of paper for us isn’t something we feel we need right now.”

Stacey and Joe recently welcomed their first child together, four-month-old Rex.

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The former X Factor star is also mum to 11-year-old Zachary and seven-year-old Leighton from previous relationships.

She raised her two eldest sons as a single mum before meeting Joe, who is also dad to 11-year-old Harry from a previous relationship.

Opening up on her parenting circumstances, the TV star admitted that she didn’t find any difference in the difficulty between parenting by herself and parenting with a partner.

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“Neither have been better, or worse, or easier, or harder than another,” she said.

“With Zachary, my circumstances were completely different. I was in college, I wasn’t with his dad and things were really tough, but also really brilliant,” she said, adding that things were also different when she had second child Leighton.

Stacey is known for being candid with her fans about her family life, having opened up about her pregnancy and what she going through throughout the time she was pregnant and ever since.

She has often taken to her Instagram page with candid photos of the family’s home life and has opened up about difficulties of motherhood, looking after a young baby and a juggling parenting with work life and looking after herself.

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