The surprising gift one in 10 men would LOVE to receive on Valentine’s Day

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  • Valentine’s Day is a time for romance, from the chocolates, flowers and gifts to Champagne dinners – or at least, a supermarket ‘Dine for Two’ offer.

    But it turns out not everyone wants the super-soppy treatment.

    According to new research from dating app Happn, brits are falling out of love with Valentine’s Day because they’re sick of romantic clichés, cheesy public displays of affection and pressure to make expensive soppy gestures. Seven in 10 Brits in a relationship claim the annual love-fest is a ‘waste of money’.

    While that seems harsh, there are clear reasons – yes, it’s all about the cold, hard cash.

    • 34 per cent of those polled said cash was a turn off when it came to v-day
    • 28 per cent didn’t like the social pressure to be romantic
    • 12 per cent hate getting pressure from their partner to be romantic!

    And you may be surprised to know that men DO want flowers! While one in 10 men (11 per cent) say they’d love to receive flowers, they’re likely to be waiting a while as 69 per cent of women say they’d never consider giving them.

    Whilst men typically bear the brunt of Valentine’s Day, 30 per cent of men, and 35 per cent of women think it should be of equal responsibility to create the romance and cover the cost.

    However, according to the happn study, men typically spend almost twice as much as women on 14th February – £115 compared with £64.

    Despite spending less, women are more likely than men to consider the annual love-fest as a rip off (48 per cent vs 38 per cent ).

    Well, you could take a leaf out of Prince William’s book and ‘spend’ some time with your loved one instead of splashing the cash.


    Despite the grumbles about the cost and clichés associated with 14th February, the study reveals that romance isn’t dead as two-thirds of men in relationships (and 61 per cent of women) say they enjoy celebrating on Valentine’s Day. A third of men claim it makes them feel romantic and loved – but just over a quarter only celebrate to avoid upsetting their partner.

    And what about those in new relationships? Well, more than a third (35 per cent ) of those seeing someone for under six months claim Valentine’s Day puts pressure on the relationship.

    If you’re among them and still stuck you can find 21 unusual gifts in our handy list.

    Whatever your plans, we hope you have the perfect Valentines!