Sex positions during pregnancy

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  • Looking for the best sex positions during pregnancy? We've rounded the best including the 'Thrust appeal' position and the 'Legs eleven' position - you'll want to try them all.

    Feel strange about sex positions during pregnancy? It’s perfectly safe to have sex when pregnant – in fact, that’s when many women want it more than ever!

    Remember that if you’re happy, then your baby is too. The chemicals released during orgasm help relax you, and this peaceful feeling will be passed onto your baby. Don’t forget, your child wants to come into a good relationship that is happy on all levels!

    It’s normal to have questions about having sex during pregnancy, especially if some of those pesky pregnancy symptoms are making you feel a little less seductive than usual – hello bloating and morning sickness! But so long as you’re healthy and are having a normal pregnancy then there’s no reason for you not to keep having sex right up until your waters break.

    There’s even some research to suggest that new mothers who have sex regularly while pregnant are less likely to have premature births. And if that isn’t the best excuse we’ve heard yet for a little loving then we don’t know what is.

    Most women’s questions about having sex while pregnant are whether or not it will harm their baby. Sex, even when your partner is on top, won’t harm your little one at all. Your body puts plenty of protection in place to keep your baby safe and sound and despite any niggling worries, your baby won’t know what’s going on – we promise! It is possible that you might feel them wriggling around but don’t freak out, this is simply because of your increase in heartbeat and nothing else.

    So there you have it, ready to give it a go? If you’re finding pregnant sex awkward and your bump is getting in the way, you’ll probably need to find some new pregnant sex positions that work for your growing body. We’ve rounded up the best sex positions to try throughout pregnancy that work around your growing bump and are just as good (if not better!) than regular sex positions – we hope you enjoy them!