Sex positions during pregnancy

Looking for the best sex positions for during your pregnancy? We've rounded them up here!

Looking for the best sex positions during pregnancy? We've rounded the best including the 'Thrust appeal' position and the 'Legs eleven' position - you'll want to try them all.

Feel strange about sex positions during pregnancy? It's perfectly safe to have sex when pregnant - in fact, that's when many women want it more than ever!

Remember that if you're happy, then your baby is too. The chemicals released during orgasm help relax you, and this peaceful feeling will be passed onto your baby. Don't forget, your child wants to come into a good relationship that is happy on all levels!

It's normal to have questions about having sex during pregnancy, especially if some of those pesky pregnancy symptoms are making you feel a little less seductive than usual - hello bloating and morning sickness! But so long as you're healthy and are having a normal pregnancy then there's no reason for you not to keep having sex right up until your waters break.

There's even some research to suggest that new mothers who have sex regularly while pregnant are less likely to have premature births. And if that isn't the best excuse we've heard yet for a little loving then we don't know what is.

Most women's questions about having sex while pregnant are whether or not it will harm their baby. Sex, even when your partner is on top, won't harm your little one at all. Your body puts plenty of protection in place to keep your baby safe and sound and despite any niggling worries, your baby won't know what's going on - we promise! It is possible that you might feel them wriggling around but don't freak out, this is simply because of your increase in heartbeat and nothing else.

So there you have it, ready to give it a go? If you're finding pregnant sex awkward and your bump is getting in the way, you'll probably need to find some new pregnant sex positions that work for your growing body. We've rounded up the best sex positions to try throughout pregnancy that work around your growing bump and are just as good (if not better!) than regular sex positions - we hope you enjoy them!

Sex positions during pregnancy: Woman on top

Woman on topSex positions during pregnancy:

A great position for pregnancy is the classic Woman on Top otherwise known as the Cowgirl position. Gently lower yourself on top of him while he lies back on the bed. In this position you'll have lots of space for your bump so it's great for when you're further along.

Great because: You can set the pace while he enjoys the view. Being in control means you can ensure you're feeling comfortable and not jiggling that heavy bump too much! Also, many women find their nipples are more sensitive during pregnancy, so in this position you can make sure he gives them plenty of attention.

Sex positions during pregnancy: Spooning

Sexy spoons

In this cosy pregnant sex position you lie on your side, while he spoons you from behind and enters you slowly, controlling the speed. If you're in the mood for a little romance, the snugly nature of this position is perfect for loved-up parents to be.

Great because: If you're tired, Sexy Spoons requires little effort. This is especially good for the late stages of pregnancy as you have plenty of room in front of you, you can even pop a pillow under your bump for extra support. What's more, his hands are free to roam which means extra pleasure for you!

Sex positions during pregnancy: The bed bender

Half off the bed

This one has a similar dynamic to the missionary position but with even more depth. First try lying back, placing your bottom near the edge of the bed and your feet on the floor. Your partner then lies on top of you and enters by kneeling or standing between your legs.

Great because: After carrying a baby in your belly for 9 months you deserve a little lie down! With this position you simply have to lie back, relax and let him do all the work. Plus, he'll find it pleasurable, too.

Sex positions during pregnancy: Saddle up

sex position, sultry saddle

For this position he lies down with his knees bent and legs apart. With your body at a right angle, gently lower yourself on top of him. Place one hand on his chest for support, and the other on his lower leg behind you, then rock back and forth until he hits the right spot.

Great because: This has all the ease of the traditional Woman on Top position but adds a fun new twist. You have lots of room for your bump and it's great for controlling speed and depth of penetration. Plus, the pressure of his thigh against your pubic bone is great for orgasm!

Sex positions during pregnancy: Standing ovation

Sex positions: The manhandle her

Don't rule out saucy, standing-up sex just because you've got a bump! Start by standing in front of him and get yourself into a position so he can enter you from behind. You might need to try leaning forward slightly, bending your knees or arching your back so that he can penetrate you, which can take a few minutes to get right. Then slowly straighten up, ensuring he stays inside you. When you're both ready, he can start thrusting while you enjoy the ride.

Great because: The position will hide any wobbly bits if you're feeling self conscious - and you don't need to worry about your bump getting in the way. Also, with his arms free to wrap around you it makes this a really intimate position with lots of opportunities for cuddling.

Sex positions during pregnancy: Back to front

Reverse cowgirl sex position

He'll love the reverse cowgirl position for it's racy reputation, but it's also great for sex during pregnancy. Your man lies flat on the bed with his legs hanging over the edge which is great if he's getting a little tired. You climb on top of him but face away from him and lean forward with your arms, resting on his knees or thighs. Angle his penis downwards slightly and let him enter you. Then rock back and forth.

Great because: Reverse cowgirl is great to try if you want something a bit different. It's a fun, feel-good position for you both. You can get yourself comfortable and control the pace. Plus, it makes your backside look amazing which we just know he will appreciate!

Sex positions during pregnancy: Sideways lean

Melody maker sex position

This one might sound complicated, but trust us, it works. Sit sideways on a chair and slowly lean backwards so your head is pointing downwards. Now get your fella to kneel between your legs and enter you. This is great for the guy because he has the freedom to control the speed. The only tricky factor is that you may find it difficult to balance, but it helps if you hold hands so that he can support you whilst you're leaning back.

Great because: This position allows room for any size bump and requires minimal effort from you - great if you're having a low energy day. Plus, the head rush helps promote orgasm - just make sure he helps you up after ward!

Sex positions during pregnancy: Legs eleven

sex position, sex

This one is for the flexible ladies out there! First get your man to position himself on the bed lying flat on his back. Then, when you're ready climb on top of him and slowly start to spread your legs out as far as you can get them. Extra points if you can get into the splits! Once you're comfortable place your hands on his chest for support and rock back and forth.

Great because: It's another variation on the Woman on Top position and is great for slow, intimate sex. For the guy, it's a great view and he will love you taking control. Again, get him to pay attention to those sensitive nipples with kisses and caresses.

Sex positions during pregnancy: On your knees

The Kneeling fox sex position

For this pregnant sex position, you need to bend down on to your hands and knees so you're on all fours. Lean all the way forward on to your arms, arching your back. He kneels behind you, grabs hold of your waist and enters you from behind.

Great because: Doggy-style positions are great for pregnancy sex. It becomes harder for you to support the weight of your growing bump, but this position lets you spread the weight. Not only is this one super sexy, it involves a big cuddle as he wraps his arms around you which is extra nice!

Sex positions during pregnancy: The wrap-around

Man and woman in the wrap-around sex position _rex

The man sits on the bed, with his legs outstretched. Then you climb on top of him, and wrap your legs round behind his waist, while he pulls you towards him. Then you move yourself up and down at a speed to suit you.

Great because: It's a very intimate, loving position which gives you an opportunity for lots of kissing and talking to each other. Although it is more difficult to do in your third trimester when your bump is looking pretty huge, you can actually lean back to accommodate your growing tummy.

Sex positions during pregnancy: The leg elevator

Magic bullet sex position

For this one it's your turn to have a little breather! Lie face up on the bed with your legs straight up in the air. Your man kneels on the bed behind you and holds onto your legs. He can push them high or lower depending on what's comfortable for you, even resting them on his shoulders if you're quite flexible. Once you're in position he can use your legs for leverage and begin to thrust.

Great because: Another great one for low-energy days. Your man controls the pace while you lie back and enjoy. Plus, it takes the pressure off those swollen ankles and feet. Careful how high you push those legs though, if your bump is too big it might get in the way!

Sex positions during pregnancy: The breast caress

Slippery nipple sex position

He sits upright and you lie flat out on your back. You then put your legs round him and shuffle onto his lap. Holding on to your waist and hips for leverage he can thrust into you as fast or slow as you like. He does all the work - you just have to lie back and relax!

Great because: Another great one for sensitive nipples as he can easily caress your breasts in this position. It's also great for later stages of pregnancy as this will be the most comfortable position for you to lie in.

Sex positions during pregnancy: Leg wrapper

Tight squeeze - sex positions

You sit on a surface (bed, table, kitchen work surface - you can be creative!) with your legs wrapped around his waist and squeezing him tight. From there he has the freedom to thrust with ease and is in the perfect position for lots of kissing. If you're finding it difficult to sit straight up you can wrap your arms around his back to keep yourself upright.

Great because: In this position there's the opportunity for you both to have a go at controlling the pace, and for you it takes minimal movement so it's a great energy saver. This position also helps strengthen your pelvic floor muscles - which will come in handy during labour!

Sex positions during pregnancy: Sit and kneel

Sit and Kneel - Sex positions

Get your man to kneel down on the bed. You sit on his lap, then place your legs on either side of his body, gently maneuvering so he can enter you. Now you can move and wriggle away to your heart's desire and control the speed and penetration.

Great because: Need some reassurance? If you're feeling sensitive, this position is very intimate. Plus, he can easily caress your breasts, look deeply into your eyes and give you lots of affection.

Sex positions during pregnancy: Thrust appeal

Lust and Thrust - sex position

Lie back on the edge of bed, propping yourself up with your forearms to support your weight with your legs dangling down off the edge of the bed. He stands in front of you, leaning forwards over you and supports himself by leaning on his hands beside your hips and thrusts. This is a great sex position for pregnancy because you don't have to do much!

Great because: This one can take you all over the house! Be creative and try it in the living room or kitchen for some extra fun. Just because you're pregnant it doesn't mean you can't be spontaneous - and best to get that spontaneity in before your bundle of joy arrives!


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