Should YOU be taking the two week sex challenge?

It's as simple as it sounds...

Want to reignite your sex life? The two week sex challenge might just be the answer...

The two week sex challenge is as simple as it sounds - you have sex every day, for two weeks, and see how the increase in intimacy impacts your relationship. Whether the sex lasts for an hour or a matter of minutes, the idea is to make your time in the bedroom more exciting, and put the spark back into a routine that might have become a little predictable. You might want to try out tantric sex too, to help form a deeper connection, though before you try this, find out how to explain the mental load to your partner to really free headspace to focus on intimacy and sex.

TV presenter Kate Garraway recently admitted that she and husband Derek had decided to take the challenge, explaining in an extract from her new book The Joy Of Big Knickers: Or Learning To Love The Rest Of Your Life, published by the Daily Mail, that she had been inspired by a friend who'd given the challenge glowing reviews.

'Derek sat down with a spreadsheet, our diaries and multi-coloured pens - ooh, the romance!' she wrote.

She adds that their challenge was not without its setbacks, including an incident on day three where their seven year old interrupted them after a nightmare, but by the time they were on day seven, Kate said she was 'really enjoying herself'.

'It was an adventure. Even planning it and trying to make it work seemed to make us giggle.'

Their challenge was cut short after Derek 'smashed' his ankle running after the couple's son and ended up with his leg in plaster, but it seems even getting through half of the challenge made a difference for the couple. So could it work for you too?

Sex and relationships expert Dr Pam Spurr says: 'A time-limited sex challenge can be great for a couple's sex life plus their relationship generally as they learn to be more honest about their needs. But there is a big "but" - it should always be introduced as a positive idea to spice things up and never in a blame-game sort of way. For instance, where one partner says things like: our sex life is terrible, we must do this.

'You'd think common sense would rule that out. It doesn't! I've had people tell me this kind of request was made almost like a threat – do it or it's over.

'Always set a few ground rules including that you'll take turns suggesting what to do during the challenge, that you'll vary it over the nights with quickies to prolonged lovemaking. Also suggest a little online shopping for a couple fun sex-ccessories to try out during the challenge.

'Finally agree that if it isn't working that it isn't a "fail" to stop the challenge. Use the experience to become more honest and open about your sex life and relationship.'


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