‘We found love online’

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  • Jason and Angie were about to give up dating and decided to try online dating as one last chance to find love.

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    ‘I was basically going to give up on dating,’ says Angie Solomon, from Tonbridge in Kent. ‘The dating scene seemed to be all about casual flings, and I just don’t do casual. I wanted a long-term serious relationship.’

    Jason Le Monnier, 38, was having similar thoughts 120 miles away in Jersey on the Channel Islands.

    ‘At times I felt like giving up,’ admits Jason, a sales advisor from St Helier. ‘I had a clear idea of the person I wanted to meet, and of the relationship I wanted. I wanted something serious.’

    In 2006, Jason finally tried online dating to find what he was looking for. ‘I turned to DatingDirect.com because it seemed like the only way to find the right person, and to find something serious rather than just a fling.’

    Meanwhile in Tonbridge, customer services manager Angie was having a similar experience. She was on the verge of giving up dating altogether when, thanks to the internet, she finally found ‘someone as zany and nutty as me’.

    Angie’s sense of humour struck a chord with Jason when he spotted her online profile in June 2006. ‘I liked her photo, so I read her profile and loved it. It was her wild sense of humour and the way that she described herself.’

    For Angie it wasn’t love at first so instant. ‘To be honest, Jason’s first picture didn’t really get my attention and the distance looked like it would be a problem.’

    But when Angie clicked through to Jason’s profile and saw his other photos, she was knocked out. ‘His profile is what really did it for me. And when I looked at his other photos, I was smitten.’

    Jason’s timing was perfect, reveals Angie. ‘I’d been on the site for 3 months and my membership was due to expire. I was getting fed up of the dating scene and decided not to renew my membership and just enjoy being single.’

    Love blossoms

    Angie and Jason started emailing each other. ‘After we’d swapped a few emails, she asked for my phone number,’ says Jason. ‘When she called me, I just couldn’t believe it was her.

    About 3 weeks after their first contact online, Angie flew to Jersey to meet Jason in person. Meeting up after flirting online is never easy, but Jason and Angie needn’t have worried.

    ‘When I saw Angie for the first time, my whole life changed in that moment,’ says Jason. ‘I was like a teenager. Even now I can’t take my eyes off of her.’

    A few weeks later, Angie and Jason both admitted that they were falling in love. ‘We couldn’t hold back our feelings any longer,’ says Jason. ‘We fell in love so quickly that neither of us could believe what was happening.’

    The couple continued to fly back and forth to see each other, and Jason now plans to let his home in Jersey and rent somewhere in London or Kent, so that he can be closer to Angie.

    ‘We’re both delighted with each other’s company,’ says Jason. ‘Angie has made me see things in myself that I never knew I had. When we look at each other, we can’t seem to focus on what’s around us. We just gaze at each other all the time!’

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