Scarlett Moffatt hits back at claims that she's 'too skinny'

The Gogglebox star has been criticised yet again for looking 'too skinny'.

Scarlett Moffatt's weight loss has been the subject of much discussion in recent months.

The Gogglebox star, 26 has famously shed over three stone after revealing last year that doctors had told her that her BMI was in 'the danger zone' and she was pre-diabetic.

With a fitness DVD on the shelves and a string of impressive presenting deals in the pipeline, Scarlett appears to be going from success to success since she's slimmed down - but not all of the comments about her weight loss journey have been positive, with some fans often commenting on her Instagram pictures to tell her that she's lost too much weight.

Now, The Queen of the Jungle has hit back, telling You magazine that despite frequent online scrutiny over her slimmer frame, she's definitely not 'too skinny'.

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'I never normally wear much make-up but I'd been done up for a shoot and I took a selfie at a funny angle,' she said of one of the most recently criticised snaps.

'I did look weird but then I consider myself to be quite weird-looking. I’m definitely not too thin. I'm back to the weight I was before I started on Gogglebox. When I was dancing all the time I was a size eight. I'm now a 10.'

'I have a 10-year-old sister [Ava] and I wanted to set a good example. I lost weight to be healthy, not for any other reason. I never felt bad about being overweight, but I did start to feel tired and out of breath and I knew I needed to do something.'

The instance the reality star refered to in the interview isn't the first time her social media accounts have come under fire. Previously, a selfie that Scarlett took on a photo shoot was criticised after followers thought she looked 'too skinny' with 'bones creeping out of her skin'.

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One Instagram user who claimed to work for the NHS voiced concerns that just an exercise DVD without a healthy eating plan is an unhealthy message to promote, writing: 'DVDs are not the way to promote losing weight without a healthy food programme it's a combination, I work for the NHS, and just working out does not make anyone lose weight'

The user continued: 'Scarlett and the rest who promote their DVDs to make money to have a lavish life should be honest about her programme losing weight how they started their diets from the beginning not just showing her skinny figure now, it's not being truthful to all especially teenagers who r more influenced to looking like a skeleton.'

Another commenter warned Scarlett that losing weight could even contribute to baldness and other health issues: 'I can see too much bones creeping out of the skin, not appealing nor sexy at all, a woman's sweetness is their curvaceous figure with skin, Scarlett I'm sure is more motivated to be a celebrity and to sell millions, being far too skinny and no fats in diet can be detrimental to yr heath especially with osteoarthritis, baldness, etc.'

Back in Autumn last year, Scarlett received backlash for her new look when she shared a pouting mirror selfie on Instagram, showing off her cheekbones and slim face.

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One user commented, 'You look beautiful but stop losing weight! xx' while another agreed, 'Be careful about your weight my lovely keep well xx'.

Some Instagram users even accused the 26-year-old of having plastic surgery: 'She's had so much work done to her face. It's awful. You looked way better natural' while another compared her to Charlotte Crosby from Geordie Shore.'

However, many of Scarlett's fans were quick to defend her from the remarks, writing supportive comments such as: 'You look amazing @scarlett_moffatt .. people are quick enough to tell people they are loosing to much weight, but don't give enough of a fuck to let you know when you are putting it on! Jealousy is an ugly thing. You do you.'


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