Summer ready feet, fast!

Be sandal ready in a flash with our do-it-yourself pedicure guide.

Cotton wool

Be sandal ready in a flash with our do-it-yourself pedicure guide.

Why pay for a pricy pedicure when you can do it yourself for much less? Follow our easy guide for soft, smooth, sandal-ready feet, fast!

Clean the nails

Soak cotton wool in plenty of nail polish remover. Gently press down on the nail and wipe upwards. Cotton buds are especially good for removing stubborn polish in the corners of the nail.

File hard skin

woman filing feet

Filing feet when dry is more effective. Use a sturdy foot file that's easy to grip. Concentrate on the thickest skin first - usually on the balls of the feet, big toe or small toe. File gently in a back and forth motion taking care not to break the skin.

If you've got time...

For feet in need of some serious TLC, generously slather on a luxurious foot lotion before bed. Wrap you feet in cling-film (not too tightly!), before putting on some soft bed socks. Wake up with super smooth heels!

Soak feet

woman soaking feet

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Now for the nice bit! Add a little foot soak to a bowl of warm water to whiten and strengthen the nails. Soak feet for about ten minutes.


Woman exfoliating feet

Massage a little exfoliator in to the lower leg and foot, then rinse. Repeat a few times if necessary.

Trim nails

Woman cutting nails

Lightly towel dry feet then get to work on your nails. Trim straight across the nail with nail scissors or clippers in small movements, making sure you don't cut too short. This can lead to ingrowing toenails. Push back the cuticle gently with a cuticle stick.

Shape nails

woman filing feet

Gently file the edge of each nail so it's smooth and rounded.

Lock in moisture

Woman moisturising feet

Apply plenty of rich moisturiser to the feet. While you're waiting for the moisturiser to absorb, give your favourite nail polish a good shake.

The fun part - get painting!

Woman painting toe nails

Protect the nail from discolouration or damage by painting on a thin base coat first. Wait a minute or two for it to dry, then apply your first coat of colour. Paint on a second coat, then seal with a top coat. Make sure the polish is fully dry between coats otherwise it will smudge.

And finally - a few drops of cuticle oil

woman with feet in pool

Finish your pedicure with a little cuticle oil to seal in moisture and keep nails healthy.

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