Suzanne Shaw reveals FOUR STONE weight loss a year after the birth of her son

'It's been hard work but feeling the best I ever have'

Suzanne Shaw has revealed that she's lost an incredible four stone since the birth of her son.

The former Hear'Say star, who gave birth to second child Rafferty in October 2015, showed off the results of her hard work on her Instagram account, saying that she was 'feeling the best I ever have'.

Suzanne added that she was even a stone lighter than before her pregnancy, explaining: 'I'm a better mum and partner for feeling better in myself and have so much more energy for my long working days!'

So how has she achieved her impressive goals? We investigate the secrets behind her (clearly effective!) diet and exercise plan...

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Going low sugar

Suzanne has been cutting down on the sweet stuff as part of her lifestyle overhaul, focusing on filling foods that give her plenty of energy instead.

'I've not starved myself, as I've done in the past with fad diets but put my mind into what works for me and my lifestyle,' she says. 'Choosing more high in fat and low in sugar is definitely the key along with portion control.'

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On her Instagram account, the mum-of-two often documents her lean but tasty meals, which are all build around nutritious, protein-rich ingredients like eggs and steak.

Training hard

Suzanne has been working with personal trainer Jack Fymruk to get her body back into shape. Speaking to OK! magazine in 2016, she revealed that her exercise regime sees her hitting the gym four times a week, often getting up at 6am to fit it in before her boys wake up.

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She admits that while getting up and getting it done isn't always easy, it's worth it when the outcome begins to show. 'Some days(not a lot) I wanted to give up but it's those times you drive through!' she says.

However, fiancé Sam Greenfield seems to be supporting her throughout her journey, as she added next to a recent workout video: 'Couples workout is so much more fun!'

Taking it slow

Suzanne has taken around a year to get down to her current weight, showing that slow, steady and sensible really does win the race.

She's previously spoken out about the pressures on women to bounce back after the birth of their children, telling ITV's Lorraine Kelly in 2014: 'Who cares? I don't care. It doesn't matter how you feel and how you look, your baby is healthy, you're happy, get on with life.'

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'I'd rather somebody look in the magazine and not look at me perfectly and relate to me - that's what I would prefer - rather than feeling the pressure to live up to the standards.'


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