19 things ALL wine lovers know to be true

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  • Wine is awesome. FACT.

    Hands up if you love a glass of wine or two? Don’t worry, you are most certainly not alone! The ultimate me-time accompaniment, it’s escapism in a bottle and a well-deserved treat after a day of, well, just being a mum really.

    It’s delicious, comes in all different types, flavours and colours, and it’s made from fruit so surely counts towards one of our 5-a-day right?!

    From red to white, rose to prosecco, we all love a sip of the cold, crisp stuff every now and then (or every day – there will be no judging here!)

    So whether you’re something of a wine fanatic or just love nothing more than the comforting feeling of a glass of wine in your hand, this round-up of things all wine lovers know to be true will certainly ring a few bells.

    1. There is always time for wine

    ALWAYS. Be it lunch time with your friends, after school with dinner or when the kids are tucked up in bed. Gimme!

    2. Anything wine-flavoured is a must

    Wine-flavoured ice cream, crisps, cake, chocolate, lip balm, underwear… one step too far?

    3. Wine memes on Facebook HAVE to be shared

    Just LOL.

    4. The most expensive part of having kids? All the wine you have to buy of course!

    It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it!

    5. The draw at the bottom of the fridge isn’t just for fruit and veg – and you know it!

    It makes a perfectly good wine crisper come to think of it. Plus wine’s made out of fruit, so it’s perfectly at home

    6. Drinking wine in the shower is a big no no

    Image: etsy.com
    But drinking in the bath. Now that’s what it’s all about!

    7. Christmas is your favourite time of year

    Bargain after deal after discount after money off. It’s all about stocking up for those colder months.

    8. The top shelf in your kitchen cupboard is dedicated to all the ‘spare’ glasses

    In case of emergency break glass.

    9. THIS sums up your weekend nicely

    Buckets aren’t just for sand castles or mopping you know!

    10. The best stories start with a glass of wine

    Well they didn’t start eating a salad now did they?

    11. Cooking with wine is the best excuse to have a glass (or five)

    A splash for the spaghetti Bolognese and a splash for you, a dash more for the dinner and a jug more for you. Who needs measurements anyway?!

    12. A catch up with your friends always needs wine

    Wine, wine and more wine. Well, they quite simply wouldn’t be your pals without a shared love for the stuff.

    13. Wine is like a personal trainer; it’s motivating, inspirational and full of body

    Who needs the gym when you’ve got an offie round the corner!

    14. The weekly food shop isn’t complete without a bottle or two

    But somehow you always manage to forget milk. Hmmm…

    15. Wine makes a hard day of running round like a headless chicken after the kids well worth it

    Put your feet up and relaaaax.

    16. This was the BEST gift you ever got for your birthday

    Image: gettingpersonal.co.uk
    Come on. Three bottles. SOLD.

    17. Oh and this is next on the list…

    God bless you, America!

    18. You can make a three-course meal out of it

    Red = starters, white = main and rose = dessert. It’s what Friday and Saturday nights are for.

    19. And just because you appreciate a good glass of wine, doesn’t mean you’re an alcoholic