Victoria Derbyshire shares breast cancer update as she reveals hair regrowth following chemotherapy

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  • Victoria Derbyshire has given a candid update on her progress after undergoing treatment for cancer.

    The TV presenter revealed that she’d been diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2015, and has since been given her viewers insights into her journey with regular video diaries.

    In her latest update, she announces that it’s time for her to stop wearing a wig, as her natural hair has started to regrow after undergoing chemotherapy.

    ‘It’s time to stop wearing a wig, which I’ve been wearing since December 2015, since I had chemotherapy for breast cancer treatment,’ she explains.

    ‘Probably about half of my hair, three quarters of my hair fell out as a result of that treatment, and I have to say losing my hair was the worst bit about cancer treatment for me, moreso than having a mastectomy.’

    She asks the audience not to judge her for the statement, adding, ‘It’s just the way I felt, and I’m grateful to this wig, actually, because it helped me get on with things, go to work, live my life normally without worrying, but it is time for it to go.’

    Victoria then removes the shoulder-length wig to unveil her full head of natural hair.

    ‘This is my new hair,’ she tells the camera. ‘This is about 12 months of growth since chemo finished, and it’s come back as thick as it was if not thicker, as shiny as it was, slightly more ringlety than it was before.’

    ‘I am actually apprehensive about taking my wig off, because this is not me, but I know it doesn’t really matter what my hair looks like, the point is this is proof if proof were needed that once chemotherapy is complete, your hair does grow back.’

    ‘When you’re in some of those dark moments during chemo you do doubt that, as irrational and absurd as that sounds, but your body does slowly renew itself once chemo is complete, and there’s something really optimistic about that.’

    Victoria received many positive comments about the video, with one follower writing: ‘I think it looks great!!!!! Prefer the style and it makes her look younger.. wouldn’t bother with a wig after seeing that. And glad she’s recovered’ and another adding ‘Thank you for being brave and sharing! You look lovely wig or no wig …but this gesture goes beyond that.

    ‘It’s important for people to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel.’