Is your partner really 'the one'? TikTok's viral 12-question test claims to reveal if you and your partner are meant to be

Would you put your relationship in TikTok's hands?

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Can 12 questions really unveil if you and your partner are meant to be? See how strong you and your partner are, according to this viral TikTok quiz.

TikTok is starting to become quite the place for relationship advice and life hacks. The platform offers a space for relationship therapists to share content on topics including the top six things happy couples do with users who want to engage in discussions about partnership concerns. 

Those looking to spice up a relationship or for hacks to improve a relationship might be wondering how strong their partnership is, while others wanting to know whether their love will go the distance have turned to a viral TikTok quiz, which claims to test whether a romance is truly meant to be.

The viral '12 questions' quiz usually consists of women taking to the platform to ask their partners a list of intimate questions that prove just how well their partners know them. Such is the popularity of the #12questions tag that it currently stands at 47.5 million views, with many sharing their own results from the interrogation.

The questions cover a range of topics, from partners being asked about what they love the most about their significant other, to what their life was life before the relationship started. Many have jumped on the bandwagon, with a variety of results ensuing - do you think your relationship would stand up to the test?

The '12 questions' relationship test


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  1. If someone asks you what I am to you, what do you say?
  2. What are the three things you love about me?
  3. What makes me different from others you have dated/talked to in the past?
  4. What do you dislike about me?
  5. What is your favourite thing about me?
  6. What was your first impression of me?
  7. What are three things I say a lot?
  8. What is one thing you hope for our future?
  9. If we were together right now, what would we be doing?
  10. What would you be doing right now if we never met?
  11. How was your life before we got together?
  12. Will I forever hold a special place in your heart?

One TikTok user with the name @xoxomarkayla had a lot of interaction when she shared her results from the quiz with her followers. When she asked "If someone asks you what I am to you, what do you say?", her boyfriend replied "The love of my life."

Moving on to the three things he loved about her, the response was "Your sense of humour, the colour of your eyes, your attitude." Meanwhile, the question of what made her different to other girls prompted the sweet response, "You think of me, you don't just say hollow words. You make me feel loved."

Question four moved into dangerous territory, when the boyfriend was asked for something he disliked about his partner. However, the careful response of "How you think about yourself, I wish you could see yourself through my eyes", definitely prevented any arguments from erupting.

Having suggested already he liked his girlfriend's attitude, he then came back to that as his absolute favourite thing about his partner, while question six's response to his first impressions of her garnered the reply,"You seemed like someone I would be interested in. You like the things I like, and have similar beliefs and morals."

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Moving on to his hopes for the future, the boyfriend in question moved the sweetness up a notch by saying "For us to raise two kids and instil good values in them."

Nearly on the home straight, question 10 was another tricky one, asking what he'd be doing at that moment if they hadn't met. Again passing with flying colours, he replied "Still just going through the motions. Not having anybody to really care for. No real purpose to be around."

When asked what his life was like before they were together, the simple answer was "unfulfilled." Finally, question 12 was a case of asking if he'd always love his girlfriend no matter what, and the reply was "Until I breathe my last breath."

The comments were full of people suggesting the boyfriend had done well, and the couple were surely meant to be. Using capital letters to make their point, one TikTok user said "I THINK HE PASSED THE TEST," while another added, "Girl, I think you got the one."

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