B&M is selling a gel pillow that keeps you cool while you sleep – and it’s only £5

bm cooling gel pillow hot summer night
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B&M is selling a gel pillow to keep you cool throughout the warm summer nights.

Now that June has hit we are officially in the summer season.

And while that means lots of fun days out, copious amounts of chilled gin and tonic and a constant excuse to eat ice cream, the summer season does also come with some drawbacks.

Sniffly noses and watery eyes are rife, simple tasks are hard to do without breaking into a sweat and possibly the worst summery consequence of them all? A comfortable sleep is close to impossible.

Getting to sleep in the summer is the absolute worst. No matter how high a fan speed you select or how many windows you keep open, you can never seem to get the bedsheets quite as cool as you need them.

bm cooling gel pillow hot summer night

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But now one high-street retailer is selling just what you need to help you have a comfy sleep in the summer months.

Bargain store B&M is selling a gel pillow insert that will stay cool while you sleep to help stop you from getting hot and sweaty.

The Chill Out Gel Pillow uses soothing gel to keep you cool and is super easy to use.

Simply place it on top of your pillow and you’ll enjoy all the cooling benefits.

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Or if you don’t want to ruin the look of your matching bedsheets, you can even slide the gel pad into your pillow case and it will work in the same way.

You can even use it in your sofa cushions or take it in the car with you for chilled car seats!

And the best part? It comes in at only £5!

Get hold of the gel pillow in stores across the country or on the retailer’s website for the super cheap price.

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