How to get to sleep in the heat on a summer night

The temperatures have been soaring...
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  • Have you been wondering how to sleep in the heat? Check out our tips on how to keep you and your children cool on those hot, sticky summer nights.

    Summer’s great, isn’t it? Barbecues (with all of the delicious BBQ food), visits to the beach, and, erm, endless nights where it’s impossible to know how to get to sleep in the heat. Yeah, it’s not always easy to know how to sleep on a hot night.

    For light sleepers, summer brings a whole host of new challenges. Even those of us who are usually out like a light as soon as our head hits the pillow can struggle to drift off when it’s hot and stuffy in the bedroom, and as temperatures continue to soar, it can leave us feeling grumpy, irritable, and so tired we can’t enjoy the lovely weather in the daytime anyway. Keeping cool for pregnant women is also particularly difficult, as their body temperature is naturally higher and babies also struggle to cool down.

    We reckon by now we’ve all had a few disturbed nights where that unbearable tossing and turning has almost driven us completely mad, and when you’re in the midst of it, it just seems like nothing will help you sleep on a hot night, right?

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    The problem is especially bad for women, according sleep expert Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, “We tend to have a higher body temperature than men, usually due to having more body fat, which locks heat in.

    “Plus, hormonal changes during the 
menopause can also trigger greater heat production, which, combined with the naturally hot weather, can disrupt sleep.”

    How to sleep on a hot night

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    But if you’ve been struggling to get some good shut eye, we’ve put together some genius tips on how to sleep on a hot night that’ll help you to keep cool and sleep through even the stuffiest and stickiest of summer evenings. Just imagine – no more angrily throwing your leg out of the covers, and a full eight hours under your belt. Brilliant!

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    Some of these ideas you might already know, but others are brand new to us, and have totally revolutionised our sleep problems for the better. From a clever cooling bed sheet hack to one of the most creative uses for rice we’ve seen in a long time (it sounds mad, but trust us!), these tricks will keep you and the space you sleep in a much more comfortable temperature, meaning you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to take on the (beautifully sunny) day.

    Here are 20 ideas to help you get a cool night’s slumber on a hot and sticky summer night…

    How to sleep in the heat