Christine McGuinness sparks concerns over her health with worrying Instagram picture

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  • Christine McGuinness has sparked concerns over her health.

    The 30-year-old, who is married to comedian and TV presenter Paddy McGuinness, took to social media to reveal to her fans that she has been experiencing heath issues.

    Opening up to followers in a candid post, the mum-of-three posted a touching photo on her Instagram and Twitter feeds that shows her lying back on a hospital bed.

    The model is dressed in a loose hospital gown with two monitors hooked up to her hands.

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    But most worryingly, Christine is seen with her eyes closed wearing an oxygen mask over her face.

    However, always the trooper, the model is making a positive thumbs up gesture and of course still looks gorgeous in a flawless face of make up and long, fluttery lashes.

    Although Christine hasn’t revealed why she needed treatment, she added a reassuring caption alongside the hospital photo letting fans know she was recovering well.

    ‘Please hear me when I say “I am very well so please don’t worry”,’ she wrote. ‘I just had a little snooze, honestly it wasn’t long enough.

    ‘But whilst I’m lay here, I’ll take a selfie and send a little reminder to stay strong.

    ‘Live, laugh and love every day,’ she continued. ‘Be kind always, you never know what people are dealing with behind their smile’.

    Fans and followers rushed to send over their well-wishes, flooding the post with comments.

    ‘Omg.. hope your ok sweetie,’ wrote one worried fan. ‘I love seeing your photos but not when your in the hospital bed.

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    ‘Hope your out soon and feeling better, need to take care of yourself and put your feet up a little more. Big hugs and cuddles from myself and the millions that adore you. ❤❤❤’

    ‘Hi Christine, hope you feel better soon,’ commented another. ‘I don’t know if your in due too exhaustion, anxiety but sometimes we all run ourselves down, hope you feel healthy and have more energy soon… xx’

    Another added: ‘Hopefully you will be right as rain soon and back to your babies. Xx’

    We hope Christine is doing well and will get better soon!