Women praise ‘amazing’ body scrub for dramatically reducing stretch marks and acne

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  • Stretch marks are incredibly annoying, and something that can make many of us feel self-conscious about our bodies.

    However, it seems there’s finally a solution to this skin concern. People online are singing the praises of Frank Body’s Original Coffee Scrub, which retails at only £12.50.

    Credit: Frank Body

    Thanks to robusta coffee grinds, the scrub gently exfoliates, promoting blood flow and collagen production. It’s all natural, vegan and full of beneficial ingredients such as almond oil, vitamin E and sea salt.

    Users were quick to take to Instagram to show off the incredible results, with Frank’s sharing them on their social account @frankfeedback

    People all over the world love the Australian brand, with many people heading to Frank’s comments section to share their own experiences.

    One user said: ‘Having dry and sensitive skin I always have to be careful with scrubs but this stuff is amazing!’

    Another said: ‘I love this scrub! My skin has never looked so radiant or felt as smooth and soft as it does after using this.’

    It’s not just stretch marks the product helps with either. One user shared how it’s helped with her acne too, suggesting it can help with lots of different scarring:

    The brand recommend using the product 2-3 times a week, and have advised it takes around 9 months to see full results. Patience is a virtue after all!

    From what we can see, this product has had a fantastic effect on so many consumers. Since launching in 2013, the brand has launched a variety of products that are all focused on natural, honest cosmetics.

    Other products include their bestselling Anti-Drama Face Mask, a variety of lip and cheek tints, and hair masks. Frank Body have the whole body covered, so there are lots to explore.

    If you’d prefer a different coffee scrub, they also have a coconut, cacao or peppermint infused one too, allowing you to mix it up a bit.

    Meanwhile, the Duchess of Sussex apparently swore by this £9 product when she was pregnant with baby Archie. Whereas Stacey Solomon was more positive about them, when she was praised by fans for her inspirational post.

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