Holly Willoughby criticised for ‘ridiculous’ video showing her dyeing her own hair

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  • Holly Willoughby has been criticised for posting a 'ridiculous' video on social media of herself dyeing her own hair.

    Earlier this week, Holly gave us a rare insight into family life. And now she’s let us into her bathroom with a nifty timelapse video, which she posted on Instagram as part of a paid partnership with Garnier.

    The clip shows Holly using a Garnier Express Retouch Root Concealer kit to touch up her roots in her bathroom at home, and she wrote in the caption: ‘Ad | @GarnierUK root touch-up, timelapse style! My shade, Nutrisse 10.01. Always do a patch test 48 hours before… and although this seems super speedy I left it on for half an hour for the colour to fully develop… xx’.

    But many commentators struggled to believe that the This Morning presenter, who is reportedly paid £5 million a year by ITV, would bother to dye her own hair.

    ‘Does anyone actually believe that the millionaire Holly Willoughby actually dyes her hair at home in the bathroom?’ asked one Instagram user.

    ‘This is ridiculous, even for paid partnership,’ another user agreed. ‘No way she did this!’

    Holly and Phil

    Credit: GC Images

    But some fans were prepared to give Holly the benefit of the doubt.

    ‘Most people can afford to go to a salon but still do their own,’ said one. ‘I believe it because she does come across as very down to earth and is the same as the next person.’

    ‘If you do your own hair then you give hope to us all who can’t afford a hairdresser,’ one mum added. ‘It’s giving me the confidence to give it a try. Being a single mum it’s hard to afford a salon and I never feel right unless my hair is right. Your hair always looks amazing and I hold my hat off to you doing it yourself.’

    Others were pragmatic. ‘Shocked by how many women are hating on her… Jealousy is not a good look… She’s beautiful and this is an ad!!’ one user exclaimed. ‘Whether you believe she does it herself or not doesn’t really matter. She’s showing how easy it is to do.’

    And one woman had a more pressing dilemma on her mind. ‘If it works for you, you go lovely lady,’ she wrote. ‘Just a Q not about the colour lol, but how the hell do you keep your towel up? With all that manoeuvring it didn’t budge. Mine no matter how tight I wrap it, one little arm movement it’s undone and on the floor!’