Why this household chore could be harming your health

This could be keeping you up at night...
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  • Not cleaning your house soon enough could be affecting the amount of sleep you get.

    Millions of Brits suffer from cleaning-induced insomnia – waking up at night because of a struggle to keep on top of domestic duties.

    A study of 2,000 adults revealed a third admitted to lying awake at night thinking about the household chores they have to do.

    Organising the fridge, packing lunches and cleaning up shoes left on the floor are among the niggling errands keeping the nation awake.

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    Other chores putting Brits on edge include coats piled up higgledy-piggledy on coat hooks and clothes shoved into drawers, as well as dirty dishes and plumping pillows.

    The research, commissioned by Dunelm, also found 64 per cent can’t unwind in the evening until they have cleared up after their dinner.

    And a further three in 10 admitted to eating their dinner later than they’d like, because they’re working through chores before they start cooking.

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    Leaving cleaning behind could be keeping you up at night (Credit: Getty)

    To help alleviate the stresses of domestic duties Dunelm has partnered with Dr Dawn Harper, who sees people every week suffering with stress related illnesses.

    Dawn will be working with Dunelm to help share tips on making your home less stressful and more mindful.

    She said: “Trying to concentrate or relax around mess can be hard, I’m the first to admit that I find it hard to relax when surrounded by clutter.

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    “Just the knowledge that there’s dishes to put away, dust gathering on top of the TV or a bed to make, can really influence our stress levels and overall happiness.

    “This is an issue that genuinely affects the mental wellbeing of millions of Brits and the fact that it is impacting the sleep of British adults, according to Dunelm’s survey, is concerning given as a nation we aren’t getting nearly enough shut eye as it is.

    “Luckily there are some simple tricks that only take a few minutes to help cut domestic chaos down.

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    “For example, try taking a few minutes to clear up mess as you notice it, rather than letting it build up to become a stressor.

    “Prioritise keeping clear and clean the spaces in your home that should be your relaxing sanctuaries for example the bedroom, living area and bathroom so you always have havens to unwind in.”

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