Laundry expert reveals how to keep school uniforms COVID-free

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  • With students across the country going back to school in September, everyone is taking extra measures to protect themselves. And a laundry expert has offered some advice on how to keep school uniforms as clean as possible.

    Deyan Dimitrov, CEO of Laundryheap has listed some key tips to help keep uniforms as clean as possible.

    COVID-19 can linger on fabrics for up to three days, so he has stressed that establishing a safe washing routine is essential.

    First off, he has advised people to learn the difference between cleaning and disinfecting clothing.

    Deyan reveals, “Cleaning involves the removal of dirt and germs from the surface of clothing. In some cases, this simply moves germs from one surface to another.

    “Disinfecting, on the other hand, involves the use of chemicals to avert the spread of viruses or bacteria: by killing a high percentage of the germs or by preventing their reproduction. To be as safe as possible, you should ensure that you are disinfecting your clothes.”

    You should also wash laundry at a high temperature with a bleach product to really tackle germs.

    Deyan recommends washing at 60 degrees Celsius for maximum results.

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    He adds, “Wear gloves to carry your washing and use any bleach-based detergent: powder, liquid or tablet. The heat of the water will work to deactivate bacteria and improve the effectiveness of the detergent. However, take note of fabric-care instructions, as delicate items may be damaged.”

    Where possible, it’s recommended that you don’t shake your laundry as it can spread particles.

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    Deyan also offered some specific advice when it came to PE Kits and school bags, as they can often get dirty after a long day at school!

    Deyan said,  “Sportswear is more exposed to germs than the regular school uniform and so students should avoid wearing their PE kits more than once between washes.”

    As for bags, it all comes down to the material, as they need to be washed differently.

    “Fabric bags can be placed inside the washing machine alongside the rest of your laundry and disinfected in the same way.”

    “Bags made from leather, or other delicate materials, can be washed using disinfectant spray or wipes.”

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