Two thirds of mums believe stress prevents them being a good parent, study finds

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  • Not having enough money, worrying about bullying and concerns over education have been named among the top causes of stress as a mum.

    New research has revealed two thirds of mums believe stress affects their ability to be a good parent.

    The study of mothers aged 25-60, with children between the ages of three-20, also found one in eight struggle with stress ‘every day’.

    And nearly eight in 10 believe there are more pressures on mums today than there were on their own mothers’ generation.

    A third have attempted a technique such as meditation or exercise to try and manage the stress of being a mother.

    Of these, one in 10 have phoned a helpline, and a fifth have searched social media for tips on dealing with stress.

    A further 41 per cent found comfort in food, and more than half turned to exercise to try and bring their stress down.

    And two in five modern mums feel the pressure they face comes from social media.

    The research was conducted by healthcare provider Benenden Health.

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    Cheryl Lythgoe, senior matron and a mum of four, said: “The mental and physical pressures of being a parent make it undoubtably one of the hardest jobs we will ever have.

    “Our results found this statement is well borne out by modern mums, who are often struggling to deal with everything that gets thrown at them.

    “While many mums may focus on the impact of becoming a parent on their physical health, there are also lots of mental health challenges, including stress and anxiety, that need to be managed.

    “A strong support network of family, friends and colleagues, along with putting time aside for yourself as well as your children can help you make good strides towards staying healthy in both body and mind.

    “Your GP can also help if you notice changes in your mental health which are causing you distress.”

    The study also found one in three parents also believe they only experienced issues with their mental health after becoming a mum.