Mrs Hinch's go-to cleaning gloves are now available in the UK - and they're less than £3

mrs hinch gloves
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Homemakers across the country have been going mad for Mrs Hinch’s cleaning tips.

The Instagram sensation, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, has gained over 1.5 million followers for her practical and clever home cleaning tips (opens in new tab) that can be easily copied at home.

Recently the social media star, who in December announced that she will be releasing a book, revealed another one of her favourite cleaning products – and it comes in at less than the price of your morning latte.

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The social media influencer uploaded an Instagram post revealing her favourite gloves to use when she does the cleaning that keeps her gorgeous house so sparkling.

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‘Hello my Hinchers!!’ she captioned a photo of her shiny clean kitchen sink. ‘I don’t know about you but the shine on a sink makes my day - I could check out peoples sinks and cupboards all day mate .. (worrying)!

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‘Anyway,’ she continued, ‘As you may have noticed on my Stories I now use these specific Gregory gloves every time I Hinch! I was sent them to try but now I am genuinely in love with the things! They’re called the Killeen Grippaz! Do many of my Hinchers own these? I could be late to the party 🤣

‘BUT @killeen_iewho are the parents of these babies also have lots of other hinching products they sell! So show them some love, check them out and if you also use these Gregory gloves let me know your thoughts on them and I hope you’ve all had a wonderful day!

‘Ps: Have you been Hinching much?’ added the mum-to-be, who just announced her pregnancy (opens in new tab) back in December, ‘I can’t stop, I think I’m nesting 🙊 ATB 🙊 #killeeners ❤’

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Previously you could only get the reliable gloves in Ireland, where they are available in Tesco stores for only €3 (approxoimately £2.70) at Tesco.

But now our favourite cleaning sensation's go-to gloves have now come to the UK!

Finally we can get our hands into these Grippaz so we can make our houses as sparkly as Mrs Hinch's.

The gloves are available to buy in Home Bargains stores across the country for only £2.49 for a packet of four pairs or £4.99 for a 10-pack.

So get down to your local branch asap before the long-awaited gloves fly off the shelves!