Mum uses £3.50 Asda spray to rid mould from washing machine

Washing machine Mould spray

A mum has shared her little-known hack for ridding washing machines from mould in a matter of minutes, using only a £3.50 spray from Asda.

It is probably one of the worst household chores (other than cleaning the toilet) – but your washing machine mouldy seal can now be cleaned in just 30 minutes with a must-have product from supermarket Asda.

The £3.50 Dettol Antibacterial Mould & Mildew Remover spray can save you hours of scrubbing away at your washing machine's rubber seal – and we can’t wait to try this hack ourselves.

The mum shared her tip on the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, revealing this life-saving cleaning tip.

She said she ‘didn't realise how much mould rubber collects, if you forget to clean it regularly' – which most of us do.

Encouraged by cleaning queen Mrs Hinch, the woman wrote: ‘Hinched my washing machine last night... super happy with the result!’

The woman admits with just a few sprays of the Dettol spray, that is currently being sold in Ada for £3.50, the mould quickly disappeared, without the need of scrubbing.

Mum Asda spray

Credit: Dettol

The mum advises to leave the spray on the rubber seal for thirty minutes and let it work wonders.

Then, after the spray has worked its magic, put your machine on an empty rinse or spin to get rid of the grimy mould.

The Mould & Mildew Remover Detoll spray can also be used to remove stubborn mould quickly from all around your house, including window sills, kitchen floors and blinds.

In fact, the mum used handy spray to clean her shower curtains which were ridden in mould.

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She said: ‘I went to change them but thought I'd try this before.. my shower curtain now looks brand new and all my tile grout is sparkling white!’

Other Mrs Hinch hack fans responded to the mum’s post. One wrote: ‘Wow you got it that clean without scrubbing??’

The spray is being sold in Asda for just £3.50, but you better be quick if you want to beat you fellow Hinchers to this handy cleaning trick.

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