Mum parodies bikini advert to show how ridiculously skimpy the pants are in real life

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  • Ordering clothes online can be a risk that doesn’t always pay off.

    Even if it’s from a shop that regularly appears on our bank statements, there’s a strong possibility that we will have that all too familiar moment of horror when we look in the mirror and wonder how any human person could make that outfit look good.

    Well one mum decided to parody a bikini advert and don an outfit that is probably only made for Victoria’s Secret angels. Not one for mere mortals.

    One mum was horrified after she spotted this kids’ rude jumper design

    Parenting blogger Laura, who posts under the handle Knee Deep In Life, took to her Facebook and Instagram pages to show her recreated advert of the skimpy swimwear.

    Making fun of the white and orange two-piece cropped t-shirt and high-waisted bikini bottoms, which costs $59.99 (approximately £47.09) from Australian online store Beginning Boutique, Laura dressed in a cropped t-shirt and a pair of high-waisted bottoms with a belt.

    However, the look was so risqué that in posting the image on her social media the UK blogger had to cover up her private parts with emoji icons.

    Captioning the hilarious side-by-side ‘GOOGLE GOALS….F*NNY FLOSSING….’, the mum-of-two wrote: ‘When everyone begs you to buy it, review it and you’re like – F*CK NO!!!

    ‘It’s £50 and it’s January. I can make that sh*t work with a superman belt and a kids t-shirt.

    ‘Ain’t no one got any business seeing the other side of that emoji,’ she added. ‘P.s. yes, I’m wearing a belt. It’s just hidden under all my fabulous skin….’

    After going viral on Facebook with over 20,000 comments and nearly 30,000 likes, the post was met with praise for being so candid, as well as copious amounts of laughter, with Facebook users writing: ‘I’m crying’, ‘Honestly, woman, you have a gift to brighten someone’s mood’ and ‘So so funny. And not even embarrassing. Just REAL LIFE for a real woman.’

    ‘You actually are so hilarious and write what the rest of us hard working mum’s are thinking. We are just not brave enough to say. Keep blogging cos your amazing xx’.

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