Loose Women star Nadia Sawalha surprises fans with hilarious hair transformation

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  • Nadia Sawalha took to Instagram to share a hilarious snap of her getting her hair dyed yesterday morning.

    The TV presenter, who is always very open about her personal day-to-day life, shared a funny post to Instagram of a very private moment at the hairdressers.

    The 54-year-old mum-of-two shared a make-up free selfie pulling a funny face as she waited for hair dye to work its magic during her hairdresser’s appointment on Thursday morning – just two hours before the airing of that day’s episode of Loose Women.

    Alongside the amusing photo, Nadia wrote: Now THAT’S a bad hair day! For anyone who saw me on @loosewomen today, this is what I looked like two hours before we went LIVE – ha ha ha.’

    She continued: ‘I had left my roots for three months and they were totally white !! Seriously thinking of letting it go fully white !! Will you ever stop dying your hair ? Could you go fully grey ?? #gogrey #greyhair #badhairday #greyhairdontcare #greyhaircolor #lookingrough #reallife #reallife #loosewomen.’

    The very honest post received was soon flooded with replies from friends and followers, with many praising Nadia for her honesty and saying she should embrace her ageing locks.

    One said: ‘This photo is bloody fabulous! 👏❤️I have long curly hair and I’m fully grey. My first grey appeared when I was 17 😮 I’m not ready to go fully grey yet and I’m currently 39. I have my roots done every 21 days, but they could be done every 14 🤯.’

    Another added: ‘A huge part of it is about growing old gracefully. Finding beauty in things like grey hair in women, men are described as distinguished or silver foxes, so why don’t we get the same privilege?’

    Nadia was seen later on the show with her new curly locks dressed in a navy wrap dress.

    Nadia Sawalha hair transformation

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    This candid post comes after Nadia recently broke down over her body image and cellulite in an emotional video shared on her and husband Mark Adderley’s YouTube channel earlier this month.

    Nadia shared an inspirational Instagram post discussing her cellulite as she wore a swimming costume, to encourage other women to embrace their bodies.

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    WARNING ⚠️ this video contains graphic footage of the dreaded condition known as cellulite . You may need to avert your eyes as it’s so hideous many of you who may have loved/liked or loathed me may fundamentally change the way you think about me !!! Ridiculous statement right ?? But unfortunately it’s the way I’ve felt for decades . Years ago some photos were published of me in a newspaper of me and my sister in bikinis playing in the sea having the time of our lives . Yes I was overweight but so the fuck what ! The papers headline and went something like how dare she go on the beach in a bikini looking like that ! Sadly even though I laughed it off it’s been like a worm in my brain for years ! Always embarrassed by the pool , never wearing shorts , always covered up ! @loosewomen body stories did a huge amount for my body confidence but I haven’t been able to shake the ‘shame’ of my cellulite ! But you know what I’m now sick and tired of being sick and tired so from this day forth no more shame for something that at the end of the day doesn’t say a damn thing about me as a person it’s just a physical thing ! I’m not going to lie I almost didn’t post (got in a right old pickle about it !) this but it was my daughter @maddiemaddieee saying ‘mum I don’t see what’s wrong with cellulite ‘ with such innocence that gave me my wake up call !! No more shame . Done . Signora Cellulita I’m going to be kinder to you you’re just part of me !! Bloody hell it took me long enough ?!! #cellulite #revolutionagainstshame #iweigh #bodyconfidence #womenempoweringwomen #acceptance #stopbodyshaming #womensupportingwomen #iweigh #sothefuckwhat #bodyimage #nofilter #nofilterneeded #stopbodyshaming #bodyshaming #lowselfesteem #bodypositive #thunderthighs #thickthighssavelives #loosewomen #letitwobble

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    And, Nadia continuing to show off her hilarious side recently took to Instagram to share a very relatable rant with husband Mark about his lack of help when it comes to cleaning around the house.

    Nadia is always very honesty about her daily life, family life and relationship problems on her social media platforms – and it’s great to see she continues to inspire women to be proud of their bodies.