Survey reveals the huge sacrifice pet owners are making for their pooches

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For many of us, a pet is part of the family - but a new study has revealed that some owners are making huge sacrifices when it comes to their furry friends.

National research commissioned by Silentnight Pet Beds (opens in new tab) revealed that eight out of 10 pet owners will happily compromise on their own sleep so their pet can get a better night's sleep.

They surveyed 2,000 Brits about their pet-loving habits, with the results showing that owners are a lot more lenient when it comes to their animals.

In fact, animal loving Brits would rather kick their partner out of bed, with 1 in 5 admitting they prefer to share their bed with their pet!

On top of this, a quarter of those surveyed said they find their partner more annoying to sleep alongside than their pet, and a fifth find their partner's snoring more irritating than their cat or dog's.

22 per cent let their pets sleep next to them on the pillow, and a further 20 per cent admitted they sleep alongside their pets regularly.

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British pet owners are so dedicated to their pets' sleep that a whopping 44 per cent of those surveyed revealed they'd head to the spare room or the sofa to ensure their pets can sleep in the bed undisturbed.

18 per cent even admitted to sleeping in the car instead of risking waking their animals up, which doesn't sound very comfy!

Based on research, Silentnight has created three collections of pet beds which uses the same technology used in the company's human bedding. The collections are: Ultrabounce, Airmax and Orthopaedic.

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Silentnight's Brand Licensing Manager Clare Rix said, “Sleep is an essential part of pets and their owners’ lives and with over seven decades of experience in creating sleep havens for humans, Silentnight wanted to make sure that we could cater to the ideal night’s slumber for the nation’s four legged sleepers – as well as make life more comfortable for their human companions."

She added, “So we have created Silentnight pet beds to help Britain’s cats and dogs enjoy a great night’s sleep in their own beds – leaving pet owners to enjoy a restful evening that doesn’t include relegating themselves to the doghouse and compromising on their own sleep.”

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