Primark has introduced unisex changing rooms but some shoppers aren’t happy about it

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  • Primark has introduced unisex changing rooms into two of its newest stores.

    The announcement that the high street store has made the changing rooms in its new Bluewater and Hastings shops gender neutral has had a mixed response.

    Equality campaigners have praised the move, but many shoppers have expressed outrage at the fact that no separate male and female changing areas are available.

    Several people have taken to social media to say that the new arrangements make them feel uncomfortable, and some are even talking about boycotting the chain.

    ‘How to lose the largest amount of customers in a day, cater for the minority and not the majority,’ said one Twitter user. ‘I won’t be buying anymore #Privacy in #Changing rooms for women and children.’

    ‘Oh my goodness so @Primark have changing rooms that men and women use,’ another tweeted. ‘I would not be happy to try clothing on my daughters or myself knowing a man is opposite or next door. Just curtains too not even doors! This has put me right off! They will see more returns this way I’m sure!’

    But others tweeted their support for the move, with one man responding, ‘I took my 10-year-old daughter there Saturday and thought it was great that I was allowed in the cubicle with her. Saved her coming out asking my opinion each time in front of all the general public. Great father and daughter shopping day.’

    Primark said the introduction of ‘non-gendered fitting rooms’ was meant to ‘improve the customer experience’. However, the changing rooms in Primark’s other stores are still separated into ‘male’ and ‘female’ areas.

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