Model Rhian Sugden tearfully confesses she’s been attacked by trolls after starting second round of IVF

So sad...
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  • Rhian Sugden has opened up about receiving nasty messages from trolls after starting IVF.

    The model took to Instagram to reveal that she has been attacked by social media trolls since starting her second round of IVF.

    Rhian who used to work as a page three model, tearfully revealed that nasty trolls had said to her that she ‘didn’t deserve’ to have a child because of her past and that her struggles with fertility are ‘karma’.

    The model revealed that back in April that she was planning to start IVF so that she could have children with husband Oliver Mellor, after she was told that she has an egg count of ‘a woman over 45’.

    Speaking candidly, the model said, “I’ve come forward to talk about my IVF struggles and I’ve also started a blog to talk about it and I’ve actually helped quite a lot of women.

    “But some of the comments underneath the article are absolutely disgusting.

    “People are saying I don’t deserve to have babies, because I was a Page 3 model,” she continued, “and saying my kids are gonna get bullied saying it’s karma from things that have happened for why I can’t have kids…

    “Saying I don’t deserve any NHS funding because I should have started when I was younger.

    “And I just… it’s a really sensitive subject and I appreciate that people get trolled all the time online, me included.

    “And I’m happy get trolled over how I look or things I might say but this is a whole new level of cruelty it really affects me.”

    Speaking about her blog where she opens up about her struggles with fertility, Rhian continued, “People forget that we’re actually real people I’m not doing a blog for money I’m doing a blog because I enjoy writing and I have helped a few people along the way to put in a support room. 

    “Why don’t I deserve NHS funding I pay my taxes like everybody else. Why is it karma? Why will my kids get bullied? 

    “I like to think of myself as a successful person I haven’t just taken my clothes off for a living and I am quite intelligent and I have done normal jobs in the past.”

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