This unexpected every day handbag essential can stop your shoes from giving you blisters

Give this hack a try if you’re prone to nasty shoe rubbing.
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  • We’ve all been there. You’re feeling smug in a new pair of gorgeous shoes- until the dreaded pain of an oncoming blister strikes.

    The nasty feeling of your shoes rubbing against the sensitive skin of your feet can pretty much ruin your entire day or leave you wishing you could scramble from your night out in a taxi, pronto.

    But apparently there’s a seriously simple way to prevent that unbearable pain.

    It involves one simple essential item that we all have in our bathrooms and handbags.

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    According to online shoe retailer Public Desire, applying deodorant to your feet can banish rubbing agony.

    It may sound a little weird, but apparently the anti-sweat product can create a barricade between your skin and your shoe.

    “Rubbing deodorant onto the backs of your heels, or wherever your shoes are rubbing, will help prevent blisters. It needs to be the stick type deodorant, as this will create a barrier layer between your foot and you’re the shoe, protecting the foot from friction” a spokesperson for the footwear site explains.

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    If you struggle to wear high heels for extended periods of time because of searing foot pain, Public Desire have a handy hack for that too.

    “If you tape your third and fourth toes together it will make wearing heels much more bearable. The nerve which is found between the two toes is where most of the pressure is placed when wearing heels. By taping the two toes the pressure is lessened, and the pain gone.”

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    If you find that your footwear feels a touch too tight around the toes, sticking them in the freezer can actually free up some foot space.

    “If you’re finding your shoes are a little too small around the front, fill a plastic bag with water, place this into the shoe, then put it in the freezer. The water will freeze and turn into ice, expanding in the shoe, and hopefully leaving you with a comfier fit.”