Superdrug has launched the UK's first at-home UTI test kit

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Superdrug has launched the UK's first at-home UTI test kit.

Lockdown has had a knock-on effect on many aspects of our lives, especially going to our local GP. It can be hard to get an appointment and as a result, Superdrug has said they have seen a rise in customers seeking treatment for UTIs. 

Intimate problems like dealing with thrush or changes to your urine can feel like embarrassing health problems for women, more so when it’s hard to get an appointment or you’re worried about staying safe from Covid-19.

Because of this Superdrug has launched the UK's first at-home UTI test kits for £9.99 after seeing a 38% rise in people seeking treatment in the last six weeks.

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The Sun reported that Superdrug’s healthcare director, Michael Henry said, "When the NHS is as stretched as it is, we’re delighted to be able to support our customers."

He continued, "This new at-home UTI test and treat service is easy, accessible, and convenient and will also help to reduce the pressure on GP services."

How does the at-home UTI test kit work?

The test kit comes with two dipsticks and a free app to download on your mobile. The app works as a clinical-grade scanner to detect whether you might have an infection. Experts have said the test kit has been proven to be just as reliable as any professional UTI test.

The user will get results of ‘possible UTI’ or ‘High possibility of UTI’ and will take you to Superdrug's online doctor website. You will need to provide a picture of your results and fill out a medical questionnaire before you are given medication.

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Another huge plus to this kit is that treatment can also be sent to your home, so no need to go to a pharmacy.

Dr. Zoe Williams, Superdrug health ambassador has said, "UTIs are a common complaint and tend to present with symptoms of pain on passing urine, needing to pee more often and needing to get to the toilet more urgently."

She continued, "The urine itself may look cloudy or smell more than usual. Superdrug now provides this option to check if their urinary symptoms are likely to be a UTI."

Dr. Zoe also said it’s important to go to your doctor straight away if you, ‘have symptoms of a more serious infection, such as a high temperature, severe pain or blood in the urine.’

What are the symptoms of a UTI?

Symptoms of a UTI can include cloudy urine, pain or burning when you pee, needing to pee frequently or urgently.

More symptoms include blood in your pee, lower tummy pain, and high temperature feeling shivery. You can also experience a very low temperature.

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