Expert reveals the one thing you should NEVER put in the washing machine

washing machine trainers

Whenever our clothes are dirty, the first thing we do is put them in the washing machine without giving it a second thought.

But there’s one item you should never put in a washing machine, according to experts.

Dry cleaning company Jeeves of Belgravia, people should never wash their shoes in the washing machine as it can cause some serious damage.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Operations Director Will Lankston revealed that washing machines can damage the glue in trainers making them more likely to fall apart.

He said, “We would strongly advise against putting shoes in a washing machine.”

Will added, “And we definitely wouldn't recommend putting them anywhere near a tumble dryer, as the heat can warp the shoes and damage the glue that holds them together.

"Tumble dryers can often shrink shoes depending on the fabric that is used."

washing machine trainers

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Whilst it’s a lot more effort, experts claim we should be washing our shoes by hand instead as it's much gentler.

If you need advice on how to clean a certain pair of shoes, Will added, “We would definitely recommend taking shoes to a reputable dry cleaners who can advise on how to correctly clean them.”

According to popular trainer brand Nike, there’s a simple way to hand wash your trainers without exposing them to any potential damage.

They recommend using a dry brush or old toothbrush to remove dirt from the outsole, midsole and uppers.

Then, make a mild cleaning solution with warm water and a small amount of laundry detergent.

Once you’ve given them a thorough wash, they should be left to dry at room temperature and definitely not in a tumble dryer.

Nike added, ‘We don’t recommend putting your shoes in a washing machine or dryer or using harsh cleaning products (like bleach).

'And for best results, clean your sneakers as soon as they get dirty. Then lace up and get back out there.’

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