Clubbercise: tone up and have fun with this dance fitness trend

Everything you need to know about the latest fun way to keep fit (and how to try it in your living room!)


Just when you thought the words 'fun' and 'exercise' couldn't possibly go together...

If you're looking to try something that actally makes you forget you're doing exercise in the first place, then clubbercise could be for you!

What's more, if you don't fancy going along to one of the classes then you can try Clubbercise from the comfort of your own home.

What is clubbercise?

If the thought of going to an exercise class is enough to send shivers down your spine, then Clubbercise could be the one for you.

The dance aerobic work out is so fun that it feels more like you're going out dancing with you friends than it does a gruelling exercise regime (we've tried body combat, we hated it!).

In a dark room with glowsticks in hand, you follow an instructor through aerobic moves that have been adapted to go along to a sound track of 90s club anthems.

And guess what? You'll be having such a whale of a time that you'll barely even notice you've worked up a sweat!

Who can try it?

Absolutely anyone! The beauty of the easy-to-follow routines is that it doesn't matter if you have two left feet; you don't need to be a dancer to join in.

Also, as it's held in a dark room, it also means you can totally let go and no one will even be able to tell.

So, what's the benefit then?

The most exciting part is that just an hour long class can burn up to 500 calories in one go.

But there's more - the benefits of a dance based work outs are super toning for your muscles and helping with flexibility - so you'll soon be noticing the difference.

Try Clubbercise at home!

Why not try Clubbercise yourself at home?

All you need is your own glow sticks to get into the Clubbercise spirit, dim the lights and pop on your favourite 90s anthems. Get raving around the front room - you could even get the kids involved too

Here are some of our favourite lively club tracks to inspire you:

  • Baby - Bakermat
  • Miss Independent - Ne-Yo
  • Another Chance (Radio Edit) - Roger Sanchez
  • Kamikaze - MØ
  • Everybody Dance - CHIC
  • If You're Over Me - Years & Years

Clubbercise workout DVDs:

If you feel like you might need a little guidance with your moves, then grab these 3 Clubbercise workout DVD from Amazon. It'll lead you step by step through all the poses you need to strike to stretch the right muscles and tone all the right places.


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Coleen Nolan's Disco Burn - £3.94, from  Amazon

Pump It Up: The Ultimate Dance Workout - £10.99, from Amazon

10 Minute Solutions - Fat Blasting Latin Dance Mix - £7.83, from Amazon


The Glow 'n' Lunge move

Like regular lunges, except you spin the glow sticks round and round really fast in front of you as you do alternate lunges from right to left. Remember to bend your back knee to the floor as you lunge and keep your knees in line with your toes. Keep your back tall with chest lifted.


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The Freestyle move


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This move is exactly what you might think - anything goes! Bounce or jog on the spot and pump the arms in the air however you want! Bring your own style to this move, imagine you're partying hard with your pals!

The Rave Squat move


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Get into a strong, deep squat position with the hips down almost in line with the knees and knees in line with toes. Move the glow sticks in a swirling pattern lifting the arms up as you straighten your legs and swirl down as you bend the knees and squat again.


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