Kate Middleton broke Queen's 'golden rule' by revealing detail Her Majesty never shared

The Queen reportedly refused to disclose the important information for fear it would negatively affect her royal engagements

Kate Middleton broke Queen's 'golden rule' by revealing detail Her Majesty never shared
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Kate Middleton once broke a 'golden rule' followed by the late Queen Elizabeth II, after revealing one of her favorite foods at a public engagement in 2018. 

  • Kate Middleton has broken a golden rule followed by Queen Elizabeth II by speaking openly about her favorite foods on multiple occasions. 
  • The Princess of Wales has revealed her favorite childhood snack in the past, as well as what she likes to cook at home with her three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. 
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Kate Middleton has broken one of Queen Elizabeth II's golden rules on a number of occasions by sharing exciting facts about her culinary preferences over the years. 

Her Majesty never publicly disclosed her favorite food because she feared it would result in her only being served the mystery dish at engagements, according to a former royal staffer. And with the late monarch attending dozens of catered events a year throughout her 70-year-long reign, it's almost inevitable that she'd grow tired of the meal after a while. (The Queen's favorite sandwich and afternoon tea have been widely reported, however, if you're interested.)

It seems that the Princess of Wales, however, isn't so worried about the risk of being fed the same food over and over again at engagements. Kate has spoken openly about her favorite things to eat, as well as her three children's go-to treats, on a number of occasions since marrying Prince William in 2011. 


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The 41-year-old revealed her fondness for olives during a tour of Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital in 2018, where she met a young patient named Rafael Chana who was awaiting a heart transplant. When the four-year-old told her royal visitor that she enjoyed the salty snack, Kate replied, "I used to eat lots and lots of olives when I was little as well." 

Later that day, royal correspondent Rebecca English tweeted that the future Queen had revealed that Princess Charlotte, 7, also "loves olives" and that "she encourages both her and Prince George to cook with her." 

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This isn't the only occasion in which Kate has shared her family's love of food and cooking with the public. The princess famously talked about her healthy diet during a TV appearance in 2019, telling celebrity chef Mary Berry that the Wales family grows their own vegetables at Kensington Palace and that her youngest son, Prince Louis, is a huge fan of beetroots. 

Kate has also shared in the past that she enjoys making spicy curry at home, revealing that Princess Charlotte is "pretty good with heat" ahead of her 2019 royal tour of Pakistan with Prince William.

Meanwhile, the Prince of Wales has disclosed in the past that his favorite cheese is "a really rare Swiss cheese called Kaltbach" and that he cooks a "mean steak." 

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